Hi Beauties!!  I’m Saarah (pronounced “ S-ARE-AHH” ).  Welcome to my beauty and mommy blog!   I am a software engineer and social media technology expert by day and a Beauty Momme Blogger by night. I started this blog because it talks about my two obsessions…beauty products and baby/mommy products!!  Like most beauty and baby connoisseurs, I am always on the hunt for better and better products that are out there, that can ease the daily tasks of a mommy, and helping her to maintain a beautiful lifestyle, both inside and outside!!   We all know that things can get super busy with the kids, and sometimes beauty can take a back seat…I still have those days sometimes….but there have been a few products, routines, activities, and even motivational thoughts that help me to maintain a more balanced lifestyle so that I can look and feel my best.  And what mom (and GIRL) doesn’t want to feel beautiful, right?

Also, I’m definitely no expert here when it comes to beauty and mommy products, but I do know that I have had A LOT of experience of great products and duds….and would love to communicate that experience so you don’t waste your time or money!

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  1. Julie Solomon
    May 14, 2014

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    Hi Saarah-
    My name is Julie Solomon. I am a LA based parenting/lifestyle blogger (www.juliesolomon.net). I found you through favored.by and recently did a review of new apps I love on my blog. I am really enjoying the concept thus far!

    I am starting a new series on my blog titled “Mom to Mom”, where I interview fabulous moms who create inspiration in the world of fashion, lifestyle, blogging, decor, food and entertainment etc. It is an informal conversation by moms, for moms, meant to inspire and encourage.

    From what I have read on your blog and social media pages, I think you show a wonderful balance between, wife, mom and career woman that is inspiring to other moms.

    I would love to interview you for my blog. The questions would consist of a day in the life of you as a mom, your struggles as a mom, tips you can share, how being a mom has inspired you, products you love etc.

    Of course, you have the option to use any photos or links you would like, as well as promote anything regarding your blog and work. Too make it simple, I can email the questions to you.

    Please let me know if you are interested. Since we both live in LA, I would to try and connect in person as well! Maybe coffee soon? I live in Hollywood.

    My blog receives over 10,000 hits a month and has already been covered by People.com and US Weekly.

    Thank you!
    Julie Solomon

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