You’ll Only Go Nuts for the Twitter Party!

May 10, 2018|Posted in: Health

Did you just read that?!?  What the heck did that mean?  Well, let me tell ya.  I am going to be hosting an amazing twitter party alongside a brand called “Don’t Go Nuts”.  The entire purpose of their line is to cater to individuals who have severe nut allergies.

The founders of this company are parents who had a child with a life-threatening nut allergy.   If you or a loved one has such a severe allergy to a particular food, it can be very unsettling when they are in an environment where cross-contact can happen.  (Cross-contact happens when two foods can rub off on each other because they share the same surface – think peanut butter and jelly sandwich with one knife).

The Ingredients

They developed these lines of bars using Organic Soy. The facilities that they create the bars in are genuinely nut-free. This means you won’t see that pesky message on the package that says “also made in a facility that processes nuts”.

It’s super rare I talk about soy, because to be honest I don’t eat it often.  BUT when I do, I make sure it’s sourced properly and is Organic.

The Products

Don’t Go Nuts has an entire line of products, from soy-spreads (which totally taste like peanut butter) to bars (perfect for school lunches!).

The spreads include flavors like Chocolate, Simply Cinamon, Slightly Sweet and so many more.

The bars include flavors like Whitewater Chomp (my personal favorite), Gorilla Power and Blueberry Blast.

The Party

Now, ON TO THE PARTY!  Join me @beautymomme and @Dontgonuts on twitter Thursday May 17th for a super fun twitter party to talk about the brand, their products and of COURSE the prizes.  THREE WINNERS will take home what you see in the picture below!


I know, I know, we all have them.  Participants must follow me, @beautymomme and @DontGoNuts on twitter, and if you wouldn’t mind registering your twitter account, I’d love to see who joined in the PARTY FUN!