What’s Your Fight Song?

December 14, 2015|Posted in: Self

I came across this clip from Ellen, and it really struck a cord with me. Being a person going through some serious postpartum depression/anxiety, sometimes each day can feel like a struggle and a continual uphill battle.   But there are moments in the day that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and its videos like this that truly make me realize what I should be grateful for.   There are so many people with their own individual fights going on in their lives that are so much worse off than me.

And this girl, only 16 and battling cancer, I thank God that I’ve made it to the age I am now, with kids.   Being a person who’s lost my mom to cancer, I understand the trials that this girl’s journey entails. From chemo, to radiation, to being picked, prodded and probed; the continual fight of cancer is much more of a battle than I can ever imagine.

It’s also things like this that make you realize that each and every person has their own internal battles and demons they are dealing with.   And that lending more of an ear in peace, rather than continual blame/anger could really change the way this world is headed. So next time you see someone down and out, snapping, or even smiling, offering something like a simple smile can make a world of difference.

So tell me, what’s your fight song?



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