A Week Of Good and Giving Back; Do Good Week.

November 19, 2016|Posted in: Self

With all the commotion of the world (ahem–elections), sometimes a little gesture of goodness can go a long way.   I have teamed up with the wonderful people of United Healthcare to post about acts of good that I have done or have witnessed during this week.   Because, well… why not?   This campaign called ‘Do Good Week’ focuses on the fact that volunteering and giving back in your community is good for your community and your personal health.



One of the things I love to do on the weekends is go to SoulCycle. There is an instructor there (my favorite), whose mom is going through some cancer treatments. Being someone who has been through all the hurdles as a caregiver when my mom went through her cancer treatment, I offered her my time, my ear, and my help whenever she needs it. Cancer is a beast in itself, and having a community of support can help get you through it. To the instructor who is going through this difficult time, I hope my words helped give you some comfort and relief as you go through this time with your mom who is ill.


As the holiday’s roll around, I always feel that it’s time to give back to those that are less fortunate. I went through my kids’ toys today and put together three big bags of donations for Good Will. Sometimes it’s hard to let go of things, as they were toys I saw both of my kids grow up with. But it’s time to pass them on to families who are starting new beginnings that could really use them. To the families whose kids will grow up with these toys, I hope that they give your littles much happiness as they did my kids.



Today was a very dramatic day, as I was in the middle of arguments and misunderstandings with someone. I decided to take the high road and to kill them with kindness, even though I felt I was being attacked unfairly. My responses to said person were very polite, and the argument ended promptly. So I thought to share some kind worlds on social media to remind people that kindness really goes a long way. To the people who saw these words, I hope this is a great reminder to continue to be polite even when the world isn’t polite back.



Our preschool has participated in adopting a family for Thanksgiving. What this means, is that a family provides us with a list of needs for a Thanksgiving feast. This particular family is going through some difficult times so we all stepped in to help them. Each parent signed up for various contributions, (including diapers) and put them in these two huge bins that will be given to them on Friday.   Look at how giddy my son is putting the items we contributed in the bin. AND when he asked about the marshmallows, I told him it was for some friends who don’t have the money to buy their own. He didn’t even think twice about it when he placed them in the bin for the family. Adopted family, I hope that the contributions to your Thanksgiving feast provides a warm meal for your family to enjoy.



After picking up my son from school, I thought it would be great to treat the kids to some chocolate. The storefront is along a narrow path, and is right beside cars in a parking lot.   I asked my son to please watch out for my daughter. He went above and beyond by holding her hand, and leading her up the path to “protect her from the cars”. This melted my heart. To my kids, I hope you always protect and inspire one another.



TGIF, right? Today I wanted to spread a little more goodness on a Friday afternoon and help someone out. As I was parking and fed my parking meter, I noticed the person’s meter next to me was about to expire. I decided to give them a little more time so as to help ensure they didn’t get a ticket. Person parking behind me, I hope this extra change helped give you some extra minutes to get back to your car.  (As a disclaimer, I didn’t fill up his meter since I know going beyond the flagged time limit can be illegal. I just helped give them a few extra minutes to get back to their car).



What a great end to the week! Today I helped a guy out on the street. He was a recovering addict looking for a job and some change. Since I couldn’t offer him a job, I gave him a little bit of money to get through these days until he could find a job. To the guy trying to make a living, I hope that my donation helped you in your quest for a new job and a new life.


I ALSO came across this video of triplets who greet the sanitation workers that come to their house! How great of them to treat those who take care of them. I wanted to spread the incredible love and thoughtfulness these kids (and their parents) have for those in their community. To the parents who are raising these triplets, you are amazing for teaching your kids good manners and appreciation to everyone.



I hope that my words and stories for this past week have inspired you to spread good, even when life can be good, challenging, difficult, and even downright despicable. It is the greatness in all of us, and acts of good that can make a change. Martin Luther King Jr. said it right, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”   #DoGoodWeek

This post is sponsored by United Healthcare. All opinions expressed are my own.

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