Wearable Wellness with Awaken The Peace

August 27, 2017|Posted in: Beauty

I firmly believe that energy is all around us.  I believe that we are all comprised of energy, and become conductors of good or bad energy that is directed by our thoughts, actions and past experiences.   I’m sure you’ve been there, those times where you “don’t have a good feeling” about a certain area, person, or experience?  If you’ve ever had one of those in your life, then you’ve experienced energy around you. Or what about Karma?  Do you believe in Karma?  What you put out there comes back to you?  Yep – you’ve guessed it – energy.

What if I told you the same energy you feel from different people or places can also be felt from the earth, the foods we eat, and even through semi-precious stones that we earth out of the ground?  ENTER: Awaken the Peace.

Awaken The Peace is a wellness brand that creates such gorgeous jewelry.  Each one is hand-crafted, and uses semi-precious stones.   Each of the charms on the jewelry includes a proprietary blend of minerals and stones that enable the wearer to continuously let good energy flow through and around them.   There are a few different pieces they have, stacking bracelets, stones and necklaces.

I personally have the stacking bracelets and I simply love it.  The moment I put on the Awaken the Peace charm I instantly felt a difference.   One of my lucky readers will get to take one home with them!  Head on down and enter below.