Vaginal Rejuvenation with Vconfidence

May 11, 2019|Posted in: Beauty

This post is a sponsored post in partnership with Vconfidence.

One thing we can all agree on, is that the entire journey of pregnancy and child birth is not an easy one.  From morning sickness, tons of tests, to the actual delivery, it can take quite a toll on the body.  It can ESPECIALLY take a toll on your private parts, AKA flower, lady garden, girly bits, vajayjay, or a word we commonly learn in 6th grade science class – the Vagina.

For women who choose to not go down the pregnancy and delivery path for whatever your life’s circumstance, one thing’s certain, is that all the tissues in your body (including the vaginal tissues) age and become more relaxed.  AND I’m not talking about the good relaxed spa-day with a dunk in the hot tub, I’m talking aging tissues in your private parts.

Aging Tissues.

As women age, the tissues in the vaginal area (like the rest of the tissues on the body) do become more relaxed and aren’t as elastic as they once were.  This can cause some pretty embarrassing side effects such as incontinence, vaginal dryness, constant yeast infections, and quite a few other things.   But as a woman, having some of these side effects can be embarrassing and have quite a toll on a woman’s self-confidence, activity level, and even keep her home some nights because simply going out and laughing with her girlfriends seems more like a chore.  The chore isn’t because of your girlfriends (and if it is, then you need some new ones).  The chore includes (but is not limited to) the constant thought “OMG am I gonna pee soon?” or “don’t laugh too hard or else you’ll soak yourself” or perfecting crossing your legs to hopefully keep the pee in, or that ever so annoying panty liner you have to carry around with you.

Now, I was lucky that I didn’t have any issues with vaginal dryness, or laughing; but put me on a trampoline, a run longer than 5 minutes or an illness full of coughing and sneezing; you could say sayonara to dry panties.

So, what’s a girl to do?

I started searching all my options because I just really wanted to get back into running. Running is a stress-relief for me and not being able to do it started having quite a toll on my psyche.   Many of the options required surgery and some were pretty invasive (um, vaginal sling what?).

Then VConfidence found me on social media (yes, I definitely was putting out my prayers to the universe to help guide my decisions and options) and told me about who they are.  Vconfidence is a company that owns medical devices for vaginal rejuvenation.  Right about now, I’m confident you’re wondering what that even means.  Well, give me a few minutes to tell you.

Vconfidence and Viveve

Vconfidence has created a machine called the Viveve. It is essentially a laser that helps to energetically restore the tissues of your vaginal wall.  It’s a 45 minute “procedure”.  You essentially visit a doctor’s office near you that has a device and medical personal trained to perform the procedure.  I had the honor of having the procedure done at Turner Medical Arts up in Santa Barbara with a doctor that specializes in vagina rejuvenation therapy. His name is Dr. Turner and his goal is to prevent surgery (which is fine by me because heavens knows I didn’t want to get my vagina sliced, diced and put back together).

The device used has a laser tip that looks like a toothbrush, and it initially gets inserted into your vagina 5 mm, emits radio frequency in an entire 360-degree pattern, and then it’s inserted 8mm and emits more radio frequency in another entire 360-degree pattern.  The procedure can also be done on your inner labia (outside your vagina) if that is needed as well.  That’s it! Once you’re done, you can carry on like normal. There’s no down time, and the best part IT DOES NOT HURT!!  I only felt warmth and a couple zaps (most definitely nothing compared to squeezing a baby out I tell ya).

Vconfidence Vivive Vaginal Rejuvenation Laser

Vconfidence helps to address incontinence, vaginal dryness, and relaxed tissues in the vagina. Imagine not having to wear panty liners when you exercise.  Imagine having more stimulating and stronger orgasms when you have sex.  And the biggest one, imagine a more confident you without having to worry about peeing yourself.  The vision looks pretty fantastic, right?

The full results of the entire procedure don’t start showing up until about 3 months afterwards, and even after that, the results continue to progress.  Here is my 3-month journey after the procedure.

Month 1

The procedure just happened and I’m excited for the results to transpire.  I feel normal, and I had no down time.  No soreness. Nothing. Just pure excitement.  I carried on my normal days and made sure to load up on my collagen chews to aid in the collagen replenishment “down there”.  The Vivive helps to stimulate collagen, so as the tissues build back up, why not give it more!   I haven’t noticed too much difference yet, but also know I have to wait 8 more weeks.

The one thing that did happen super quickly was a stronger orgasm! WOAH. I know this might be TMI, and I never had a vaginal dryness problem, but WOWOWOWEEEWOW welcome curled toes.

Month 2

I’m the second month in and am going to slowly start testing the procedure.  I fell super ill and was riddled with those pesky cough attacks.  Best part, pee wasn’t leaking out.  It did a little when I had those uncontrollable cough attacks with a full bladder. But during the regular coughing (regular coughing means a few cough’s come out and you’re done) did not release that pesky yellow liquid outside of the intentional toilet trip.  I slowly started running again and was able to last 15 minutes on the treadmill with NO PROBLEM!  OMG Celebration time.  If this is it, I’m super happy.   Can it truly get better? 

Month 3

Just 4 more weeks till I “see” the full effects of this procedure.  I’m upping my running game and so far, so good. Now I need to build up my endurance to catch up with the time I can run on the treadmill (yes, I am a little rusty on the treadmill, but now I have something to work on!).    Could this truly be the end of leaks for me?  It’s looking pretty hopeful.  So far, the only time I’ve leaked is when I have a super full bladder and have a severe cough attack (the ones where you are sweating, convulsing and just about to puke). I tested the final week of this month at a trampoline park.  I jumped with my kiddos for an hour, and there was nothing that came out. Not even one single drop. 

Outings with my girls are so much more pleasant and I don’t have to cross my legs when I’m laughing, sneezing or coughing.

Thank you Vconfidence for changing my life, and for giving me the gift of freedom back to be more active with my kids, and of course RUN!!