2-Ingredient Paleo Gluten-Free Dairy-Free Pancakes!

May 19, 2016|Posted in: Health, Recipes

Wanting to have pancakes for yourself (or per your kiddos requests) every morning can be both laborious and unhealthy.   Additionally, we are coming into an age where there are more food allergies than ever imagined and alternatives are popping up everywhere.   That being said, if you’ve ever wanted a “healthy” version of pancakes, well here they are!  These pancakes have only TWO ingredients, are super easy to make, AND are Paleo, Gluten-free & Dairy-free.

Ready?  Here’s the ingredient list:

2 Eggs

1 Banana


Yep! You read that right.   So here’s how you make these super easy pancakes.

Grab a medium sized pan to cook them in, and cook them in coconut oil.  You CAN cook them in butter if you’re eating dairy, but I find that the pancakes don’t cook as well.

Smash up the banana with a fork in a bowl, and once you’ve gotten it into mush, then add in the two eggs.  Stir it really well, and the consistency will be like runny oatmeal, lumps and all.

Turn up the stove to medium heat and let the coconut oil get hot.   Then you need to use a super big spoon to spoon them in the pan.  REMEMBER to make smaller sized pancakes. I find that they break super easy if they’re made too big.  ALSO, make sure that the Turner you use is super thin like this one.

And then voila! You have pancakes that taste sweet. You won’t even need syrup for them.








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