The ONE thing that could be causing your breakouts

March 21, 2014|Posted in: Health

We all know that skin creams (and eye creams) come in many different types of packaging.  They range from a squeeze tube, to a container, to individual application tablets. creamjar   I personally love to have my creams in jars to make sure I’m able to get every last drop of my money’s worth!   However, having your cream in a jar can introduce many unknown bacteria and dirt that you may not be aware of.  AND you know where it comes from? YOU.  That’s right!!


Every time you stick your finger in that skin cream jar or eye cream jar, you’re not only putting on those good nourishing moisturizing elements, but you are also introducing bacteria on your skin that comes from….you guessed it!…your own fingers, and finger nails.  You’re also introducing your own personal oils that are on your hands inside the jar.   It’s like sharing a bowl of peanuts with someone that you don’t know at a bar. Except this time, you’re sharing your own personal oils and dirt with yourself. AND…that bacteria is finding a nice warm nest inside your face/eye cream. YuKy!  It can be causing your little pimples here and there on your skin, and who wants that on their face?

So know what’s a girl to do?  The best thing to use is a cosmetic spatula (or a Q-tip) to get the cream out of the jar.  This can help to minimize adding any additional “elements” to those expensive creams and anti-aging remedies we all love so much.  Check out the image below to get an idea about the spatula.


Once you get the amount you need, put it on your finger and apply as the cream instructs.   Be sure to wipe off the spatula with warm water & a clean tissue or even with your toner or salicylic acid treatments (if you use those).  It helps to make sure you’re starting with a clean surface for the next use.

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