That’s SO Glassy! Glass Dharma Glass Straws

November 7, 2012|Posted in: Health

With all the BPA awareness going on in the media, there is one area that people don’t think of to get infected by BPA…its through STRAWS!!  You work at making sure your cups, bottles, Tupperware, etc are all BPA-free, but then you’re still sipping through something that can add it to the mix.

I was introduced to Glass Dharma from a friend of mine, and instantly I thought…WOW…SO Glassy!! LOL!  But seriously, I am really impressed by the straws that they offer as well as how classy the packaging and delivery was of their products.   The straws are made of borosilicate glass, which makes them very strong, sturdy for use, washing, and temperature.  AND what’s great is that in the event that a straw breaks, Glass Dharma offer’s a lifetime guarantee on the straws.  That sounds great if you ask me…no chemicals and a replacement in the event of a breakage!

I started with four different straws to sample.  These vary in width and even height.  This is what the straws look like labeled in all the packaging:

Glass Dharma Straws in Package

If you notice, depending on your order, the glass straws will come with cleaning brushes (basically with the brush sets that you order).  The brushes will come in the packaging and will be labeled accordingly.  This is really nice as it helps to reduce waste. Now, you CAN use a pipe cleaner, however I highly recommend getting the cleaning brushes from them because they are more sturdy, and are able to clean any type of residue in the straw (especially if you use them for juices, milk products, or anything other than water).
There are four widths, which I’ve placed a pen beside them so you can gauge the sizes, since mm measurements may be a little confusing to truly get a feel for the sizes.  Glass Dharma Straw SizesEach width also has a name…so from left to right…(the pen, of course), ice tea, smoothie, ice tea, and sipper (there is a fourth one called Bubble tea, which isn’t in this set).


Glass Dharma Straws and BrushesThe straws also vary in height and there is even a bendable straw (my personal fav) that you can use in a tall glass or even a water bottle (glass or BPA-free of course).   Here is a shot of the straws…if you see two of them have cute color designs on them (which they have many more of), and even show the two different sized brushes that come with the set.

All in all, if you’re a person who uses straws (or even your kids), these glass straws are really amazing.  You can drink hot or hold drinks out of them (although be careful if they’re hot because you may burn your lip!).  The shorter sized straws are perfect for small glasses, and even glasses for your little ones. 🙂

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I was not compensated in any way for this review.  I was provided the glass straw pack from Glass Dharma.