Sugar Really Isn’t Sweet

June 8, 2014|Posted in: Health

As we’re all trying to eat healthier and better… us beauties are always on the hunt for better alternatives to sugar, while not ingesting those fake sweetener chemicals that are just as bad if not worse than simply ingesting sugar.  One thing to note is the actual amount of sugar that we find in our foods.   When you read the label of an item, and you see “21 grams sugar”…what does that actually mean?  When you really think about it…sugar really isn’t sweet.

Well, here’s two things to think about when you think about grams of sugar…

1) A gram cube – remember those cubes of sugar that we used to see back in the day?  Well one cube of that is FOUR grams of sugar. So when you see 20 grams of sugar, imagine 5 of those cubes.  Now, can you imagine yourself putting 5 cubes in your mouth one after one?  I certainly can’t. But that’s basically what you’re doing when your drinking and eating those grams of sugar.


2) Check out this video of an individual boiling a bottle of Coke. Once all the liquid has boiled away, what’s left is sugar, and all the additive and chemicals you’d find in a bottle of soda (or pop).   I mean, this is pretty ridiculous.

There are great alternatives to using sugar, and finding foods that have natural sugars in them like Stevia, Agave Nectar, Coconut Sugar, Honey, and a few others.  Try to replace sugar with those in your cooking to help limit your sugar intake.  This can keep us all looking beautiful (did I mention that sugar can age you??)  Yes it can! and us beauty mommies have the clock working against us…so why give our skin (and body for that matter) another reason to age?  I know I know, sometimes it can be tough… but as long as you can try to limit your sugar intake…the better it can be all around. 🙂

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