Six Tips for Success at SOULCYCLE

April 30, 2014|Posted in: Health

Soulcycle has been all the rage, so I decided to give it a try… I don’t know about you, but the thought of taking classes at the gym really bore me (YAWN).  I really get bored because classes are usually too slow of a pace for me, and I end up wasting my time and not putting forth the effort. I’ve even walked out of a class before too.  So I’ll tell ya, I was a little nervous before I went into this class…flat out nervous.

I also had never taken a spin class before in my entire life…again for fear of being bored, and then feeling STUCK on a spin cycle not able to leave.


SoulCycle-LogoAfter having lunch with the fabulous girls at Hourglass Cosmetics, they both (on separate occasions) mentioned Soul Cycle.  It was intriguing because I’d never seen anyone so excited about a cycling class in my life.

So I checked it out this last Sunday and OOOOEEEEMMMMGEEEE am I happy I did.  Essentially you go to the website and go to the location you’re going to take a class, and reserve your seat there. Really nice because when you go with friends, you can cycle right next to them.

When you get there, you check in, get your shoes and make sure you have a bottle of water. If you don’t have one, just buy one there for two dollars.  They give you a towel, and even have some little bits you may need before, during and after the workout – earplugs, gum, hand sanitizer, hair tie, and tissue.

You walk into the studio, and the lights are very dim.  Individuals there will help you set up your bike to your body type, and will show you how to snap and un-snap your shoes. There are candles lit in the front of the class around the instructor, and the fans are all turned off.  Oh S#i! I’m thinking in my head, I’m gonna pass out on this person next to me!! And no one’s gonna see me, but could in fact hear me when I plop down! Hahaa (it didn’t happen).

The instructor gets on stage and she’s this super fit number that makes the class look so easy (SO not the case for me)…and she’s pumping you up before the class.  The class starts and all you hear is the revving up of all the cycles in unison, and the music pumping like you’re clubbin’. As you’re going through the class, your not only dealing with the physical challenges that are posed in front of you, but your own mental challenges.  The darkened room really gives you less room for staring off into la-la land, and you’re battling nothing but yourself.  Battling the limitations you put on yourself both physically and mentally, and then also battling removing those inner demons that you have within yourself.  You start seeing this as the moments in the class become harder, and easier, and just challenging. Do you push through it? Do you throw your hands up and stop?

I’ll be honest, I had to sit down quite a few times because I felt like I was gonna pass out… and that’s one thing you are reminded of by the instructor is to take the class at your own pace…BUT…be honest with yourself. And no one will know that except you. And that’s ok, but as long as you’re honest with yourself and really work for it when you’re physically capable.  And the best part of it all? You’re dancing on the bike.  The saying that you’re gonna dance your troubles away, literally apply here.  The mixes and moves that you’re doing on that bike are like you’re in a club. SO AWESOME!

I walked out of that class with a lighter head, mindset, shoulders, and body…not to mention my body was dripped in sweat. 🙂

Just a few tips when you go:

1)   Take a headband for class

2)   Go in flip flops

3)   Make sure you bring some socks

4)   Take a changing shirt to change into after the class

5)   Any type of makeup you need after the class

6)   Hair tie if you can’t use the small black hair ties they provide

Happy Cycling!  AND if you’re in LA…I’ll happily go with you! 🙂

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