Scent-sational Fragrance

September 28, 2017|Posted in: Beauty

It’s about that time to phase out your old body spray / perfume / or fragrance and you have no idea where to go.  Just STOP RIGHT THERE and listen up for just a minute.  Do you know what’s in your fragrance?  I know what you’re thinking, how the heck can a few couple sprays harm anyone?

Well, think again.  Did you know that fragrances can contain up to 3000 chemicals?  Yep, that’s not an exaggeration of zeros… literally THREE THOUSAND chemicals.  These chemicals can contain parabens, pthalates, and so many other auto-immune altering substances.  You’re placing these chemicals on your skin (which is like a sponge by the way) and your body is now trying to fight off these toxins.

Of course, they may smell good, but I think feeling good is a heck of a lot better.  Finding a fragrance that is free of harmful chemicals (is far and few between) but it does exist.  One that I discovered is Skylar Body.  They source all of their fragrances from all over the world from natural flowers, and uses its base from sugar – AND who doesn’t like a little sugar, right?

Skylar Body has no animal by-products in it. Which is super important to know because some of them contain uric acid.  YES, that is PEE from an animal in your fragrance. EEEWWWW, right?

One last thing to mention, is that they have this sample pack you can purchase for $20 that has the four scents. Once you pick the one you want, they will give you a $10 credit to purchase a full-size fragrance of your choice! Isn’t that fantastic?

I am giving away a full-size fragrance.  The winner will first receive the 4-pack, and once you select the scent I’ll send over the full size of it.