Put A Little Methyl In Your Folate

October 29, 2017|Posted in: Health

I wanted to get real with all of you, and let you know a little secret that a lot of vitamin companies already know.  Lots of the folic acid (or folate for short) that you find in supplements are a synthetic version of folic acid.  So, what does that mean? It means that you could not be metabolizing folic acid properly, and are not only wasting your time, but your money as well.

Additionally, a whopping 70 percent of people cannot metabolize folic acid, regardless if it’s synthetic or not, and a majority of these people have absolutely NO idea that it’s happening to them.  There are some signs you can look out for, constant illness, weakness, pale skin, shortness of breath, mouth sores, fatigue (and not the fatigue from being a parent), tongue swelling, irritability, and many more.  You can also head on over to the doctor and have your MTHFR checked to see if you can in fact metabolize folic acid.

Benefits of Folic Acid

Folic acid is SO important for your body, because it is responsible for red blood cell generation, supports fetal development, promotes sperm viability, great for the cardiovascular system, helps mood, promotes good colon health and many other benefits.  This is one of those essential B vitamins that your body needs, and cannot function properly without it.

Folic acid can be found in vitamins and also in foods such as broccoli, avocado, leaf vegetables, corn, cauliflower, and so many other veggies.

Why Methylfolate?

Individuals who cannot metabolize folic acid, will need to load up in foods that have methylfolate.  Methylfolate is the active form of folate.  So essentially what happens, is that when you ingest folic acid (or folate) your body will use enzymes from the liver to metabolize it into an active form of folate, also known as methylfolate.  BUT, if your body cannot metabolize it properly, then you cannot use folate and will need to ingest the active form via supplement or food.

Foods that have Methylfolate (also known as L-methylfolate) are Spinach, sprouted legumes, romaine lettuce, asparagus, berries and so many others.

Why EZ Melts 

One of my favorite vitamin brands that provides an effective methylfolate is EZ Melts. There are others that I love, and this one is one of my top choices.

EZ Melts has produced a line of vitamins, including methylfolate that can dissolve in your mouth! So, any individual (kids included) that cannot swallow pills, can use this line as an alternative to taking vitamins.  This line is also great, because if you have digestive issues, like I once had, absorption of vitamins in the gut can be troublesome. The vitamins provided in EZ melts are readily available as soon as you put them in your mouth.  They will dissolve in about a minute or simply chewing them can have the same effect.

This line is free of additives and has zero sugar (they taste pretty amazing too).

I have teamed up with EZ Melts to give away one of their bottles of Methylfolate to one of my readers. Please enter below and good luck!

*please check with your medical doctor if you have any health issues, or questions about this supplement. I am not a medical doctor, and am not attempting to treat a medical condition.