Plan A Party With Paperless Post

May 30, 2019|Posted in: Beauty

It’s that time of year where the parenting celebrations (such as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day) are underway. Pretty soon there will be graduation parties, summer BBQs, trips, pot lucks, and even quick play dates.  What do they all have in common?  They all have an INVITE LIST!

Regardless of what you might be up to this year, communicating the what, when, where, and what can I bring can be stressful in itself.   ENTER Paperless Post.   Paperless Post is an online invitation forum where you can create, organize, and send all your invites all in one place.   You can customize the look, feel, size and even the digital envelope LINERS – which by the way I completely remember doing that when I was designing my actual wedding invitations!

Best part?  It’s SO SIMPLE!

How To Create My Awesome Party Invitation

Here are the steps to creating your invitations below.  This is what I did for my Taco Party (yes, I love tacos) at my place (no the address on the invite is not mine)

1. Head on over to Paperless Post

2. Create an account

Simply enter in some basic account info (like name, email address and the password that you plan on using. I always save that info in my browser because I’m constantly hitting that “forgot password” button. LOL!

3. Buy some coins (they have some free templates you can use too)

Coins are used throughout the website to allow you to add some specialization features on your invite. It can include the actual invite you use, certain fonts, envelopes, envelope liners and other customizations you might need as well.

4. Then click on “Get Started”

It’s right on the middle of the front page, and also can be found throughout the website as you click through all the features. I mean, Paperless Post REALLY wants to make this easy for you.

5. Select your design

Yep. I made a taco party. I mean, who wouldn’t want to Taco about a Fiesta?

6. Update the text that goes in the invitation

When you click on that arrow on the right side of the image above, it will take you to all the fields to fill out for the invitation. This includes, Where, When and What people can bring (if you need them to bring something).

7. Select your Envelope Liner!

Who ever thought I’d be thinking about envelope liners after my wedding? They sure did think of everything to make this digital invite look super formal!

8. Add your guests emails

Yes, go ahead and invite Aunty Emme… she will bring dessert!

9. Then SEND it off to have the event of your dreams!

This post was not sponsored, however Paperless Post did provide me with some coins to use for my own future invitations.