Pencil me This…with Hourglass Film Noir Kohl Eye Pencil

June 1, 2013|Posted in: Beauty

I’ve had a long history of using eye pencils, from the brows…to the eyes…to yes, of course the lips (remember those days?!??! LOL!)  Well, what we also used to do to get those darn pencils to give us a rich color was to heat it under the lighter, and BOOM…you got a nice dark rich line.

Times sure have changed because the Hourglass Film Noir Kohl Eye Pencil is far from having to carry that extra ‘baggage’ (not that a lighter is that heavy, but you know what I mean).   I love everything about this pencil…look how awesome it is, with a tip that makes you feel like a pro (and you can even stick it in your hair while you’re doing your makeup). 😉


The pencil comes with its own sharpener that is super compact. So when you open the case, be careful not to throw it away with the sharpener in it!! (I almost did this!)

If you take a look at the line, you can see that it can give you a nice thick line, and can be molded to a very thin line.  It can be used as an upper lid liner, and a lower lid liner.


The only thing about this liner (as with many other pencil liners) is that it will smear.  You really can’t avoid that with a pencil.  SO, to keep it to set on the lid (as much as you can), you can apply a little bit of powder over the top of it once you’re done.   As for the bottom lid, well, just make sure you don’t smear your fingers under your eyes without a mirror.

But I have to say that I really love the finish on this pencil and it’s the best I’ve seen on the market thus far.  You can buy it on the Hourglass Site directly or at Sephora.

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I was not compensated for this review.  I was provided this product by Hourglass Cosmetics.