Organic Sun Protection with Coola

May 22, 2013|Posted in: Beauty

Now that summer is right around the corner (for some of us its here already), we all need to be a lot more conscious about sun protection for our skin. (although you should be wearing a daily sunblock!) 😛  I have had a recent discovery of Coola organic sun care.  My sister actually stumbled on this brand at a local shop, and got it for me for my birthday.  I instantly fell in love.


First off, it’s organic sun protection. You won’t find any parabens, nano-sized particles, or any of those endocrine altering preservative chemicals that you’ll find in many sun products (or even skin care products for that matter).

Second, when you do find a full organic sun care product, you seem to leave the house with that ultra-white glowing skin (that’s not very pretty).  That’s usually because of the zinc that is loaded in these sun blocks.  With this one, you won’t have that issue.  This sunblock rubs in nicely just like lotion (doesn’t leave that white residue), and leaves your face super smooth and soft.  I put this on underneath my makeup and it looks amazing.  The lotion feels nourishing and refreshing upon application, and contains free radical fighting ingredients (vitamin c) and calming ingredients (rose hip, evening primrose and flax seed oils) and helps to retain moisture in the skin.

The container it comes in is pretty nice too, it’s a pump that you can control the flow, and you don’t waste any at the tip. AND one thing that’s super great, is that you can use this on your little ones without worrying about the harmful chemicals found in sunblock!

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I was not compensated for this review.  Nor was I provided this product by Coola. This was given to me by my sister for my birthday.