The New Smurfs Movie Conveys Empowerment For Everyone

April 3, 2017|Posted in: Events

I’m SO excited to write about this experience! I had the opportunity to attend the press junket for the new Smurfs movie: Smurfs: The Lost Village, coming out on April 7th.

The Junket included a preview of the toys coming out, the new game download, and meeting the actors that played some of the main voices.  They included individuals such as Kelly Ashbury (the director & Nosey Smurf), Joe Manganiello (Hefty Smurf), Demi Lovato (Smurfette), Ariel Winter (SmurfLilly) and Jack McBrayer (Clumsy Smurf).



The Questions and Smurf-tastic Responses:

While interviewing the director and actors, the conversation touched upon quite a few things.  We chatted about the new evolution of the Smurfs, the introduction of new characters, grunting (yes you read that right!), empowerment, what the characters of the film meant to each actor, and much more.  (The full interview link is at the bottom of the page).

When asked about introducing new Smurf characters to the film, Kelly mentioned that he wanted something fun, sincere and far from cynical.   He also discussed that the history of the Smurfs only having one female was the impetus in adding other female characters.

This Smurfs movie really instills the direction the world is going with regards to empowering women.  From the journey of Smurfette, to the introduction of SmurfLilly and many other surprises! (OK I won’t say too much more).   When asked the ladies questions about being apart of this new Generation of Smurfs, this is what they had to say.

Demi Lovato says that she loves how Smurfette evolves through the film “as she goes on this journey, she really comes into her own”. She also notes on Smurfette’s growth as, “You see her go from a young woman to a woman”.

Demi also mentions that Smurfette is inspirational because she is a “young brave female” trying to find out more about herself. She continues on discussing how it’s encouraging because women continuously wonder who they are themselves (*raising my hand over here*), and also provides the message to younger women out there that “if she can do it, I can do it”.

Ariel Winters loves this new generation of female Smurfs because they are strong, brave and stick together.

Overall Kelly wanted to convey the messages of empowerment for everyone which is to be yourself and to do what you feel is in your heart.  This almost sounds like it’s going to be the feel good movie of the year, right?

Catch the full junket on Facebook Live Interview. Be prepared to smile, laugh, and feel inspired by what everyone had to say. #SmurfsMovie