New Products To Look Out For at Biggest Baby Shower

May 22, 2017|Posted in: Events

I had the pleasure of attending the annual Biggest Baby Shower in Los Angeles on March 7th presented by Huggies.   I know I’m not an expectant parent, but I have to say that I simply love coming to this event year after year.   Being introduced to new products for newly expectant parents, or seasoned expectant parents never ceases to amaze me. I love seeing the continual innovations in products, safety highlights and the aesthetics in the designs. AND not only that, being able to help other parents and inform them of such products.

Upon arrival, you’re greeted at the door with smiles, a wristband, a punch card, and of course excitement. This year they had a pink carpet with a green step and repeat. I of course had to indulge with some of my friends from Discover California TV and Tot Squad.

Once you enter the hall, you’re immediately greeted with a lounge, water, cupcakes (a girl’s dream – which of course I couldn’t eat any!), and two paths. One path leads into an area where the seminars take place and the other, which opens to an entire hall of wall-to-wall products from brands.

Now, I completely recommend taking your time and really walking the floor. Even in all of the research that has probably taken place before coming to the event, I recommend seeing other products in person. From experience I remember thinking to myself on a few occasions “gosh, I wish I would have seen this before”, or “I wish I would have known about this before I bought X” (sound familiar at all?).

As I walked the isles of tables this year, there were some new items that really caught my attention, and I wanted to share them with you.

Huggies Diapers and Wipes:

Now, I know you’ve heard of Huggies before, and even know it’s a super big brand. But I used to be very much against using their products because of the ingredients they used, particularly in their wipes. They NOW have removed just about all of the “bad” products, and they are a wipes/diapers company I can get on board with. OH! And those Huggies Rewards codes that you used to have to sit and type in? NOT ANYMORE! You simply just have to download their app and scan in the barcode from your receipt at point of purchase!

Baby Bjorn’s New Prints:

Baby Bjorn carriers have been around for a very long time, and they were consistent in very conventional colors (which still works very well!).   They then expanded into the bold collection, and now they have PRINTS! I have to say that these new prints are super fun and exciting.

Ju-Ju-Be Costal Collection:

They’ve done it again with their new print release – The Coastal Collection. The prints in this collection are simple, fun and all represent patterns that come together at the beach. From a simple stripe, to palm trees, this collection will continue to grow into something that will take you away to the beach.

Organums organic tot food:

Being someone with food allergies/intolerances, this brand stole my heart.   With the rise of food allergies in kids, Organums sought out to find a solution for on-the-go foods. These foods don’t contain any preservatives, and must be refrigerated. The mixes are so yummy, and I would even eat them as a snack. Use them as a starter baby food or place them in your little one’s lunchbox for school as a sweet snack.

Tula’s NEW carrier:

Babywearing is becoming much more common these days, and even has mutual benefits for both mom and baby on so many levels. Sometimes parents can get discouraged in the earlier months because they either are too scared to use a wrap/sling, or they are not able to use an infant insert with their carrier properly. All of that is solved with Tula’s new Free To Grow Carrier. This carrier adjusts with baby and can be worn from infant up to 40 pounds!

Prince Lionheart’s Illumipad:

Where has this been all my life? Well, not really my whole life, but for the last five years of diaper changes with my kids. This pad illuminates lightly so that you can change baby’s diaper in the dark without fully waking them. This can help to promote those long stretches of sleep at night, and save you from fumbling for those wipes!

Let’s not forget about the EPIC gift bag you get when leaving the show!! Once you’ve gotten your card stamped (don’t forget to do this! You can get some pretty kick ass stuff upon exit), then you simply proceed to the gift bag area. Show them your wristband and stamp card. They’ll lug out your huge overflowing gift bag and whatever other surprise for you as well.


Hope to see you there next year!