The All Natural Lie

May 27, 2014|Posted in: Health

Can I just say #$@! the words “All-Natural”?!?!? I mean, excuse my rant, but the marketing departments of food companies (and cosmetics) have really pushed the phrase “All Natural” to the maximum limit when it comes to foods. Yes, we all need to eat more foods around the perimeter of the store (which I do), however for those snack foods you like to have around the house for you and the kiddos…the word’s “All-Natural” have lost all meaning to me…its simply the all natural lie.


Did you know that a food item on the shelf only has to be comprised of 2% “natural” ingredients to be labeled “All Natural”? or even “100% Natural”?? They put these food products in a “recycled-paper” box with the color green on it and label it “All Natural” to make you feel better…and it works!  Yes, the term Natural is used very loosely on not JUST food items, but cosmetics as well! Any time I see those words on a package, or a store has big signs claiming “All Natural” I literally run in the opposite direction!!


In food, the FDA has allowed many food companies to label their products “All Natural” if it has at least 2% natural foods in the product! That means 98% of the ingredients can have GMOs, food not fit for human consumption, and even chemicals to preserve it! I mean, look at just what happened with Kashi, Naked Juice, and a few others. They had to take the labeling off, and are dealing with some pretty serious class action lawsuits.


In cosmetics…especially skin care products…you will find that they will say “All Natural” ingredients….a lot of it is a big lie. There are some brands that do use great ingredients in their products, but then contaminate the great products with harmful preservatives and fragrances that are not needed. For Instance, there is this store called Lush, which promotes “Natural” skin products that are derived from oils and things in nature (which they do have good sources)…but guess what? Only about TWO of their products don’t have parabens in them (ok, maybe more than two…but a majority of their store products have preservatives in them). How’s that for “All Natural”. Yes please, I’d love to put your endocrine disruptors on my skin to be absorbed in my body.

Don’t get me wrong…there are some really great products out there that have truly natural ingredients ( I have yet to find a food product that is labeled natural and has no bad ingredients), like the mascara I love, and the lip oil I love… Hopefully in the future there will be more regulation on using “All Natural” and we can trust the labels again.  But for now…I’m not taking my chances…

I know that sometimes it can be unrealistic to eat organic or “REAL-natural” all the time (and even to use skin products that don’t have chemicals in it)…although it can be something achievable step by step…just do me a favor that the next time you see “All Natural”…put it down…and walk away…maybe even run away – get a workout in too… 😉

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