My Partner in Prime…Hourglass Mineral Primer SPF 15

May 28, 2013|Posted in: Beauty

Hourglass Cosmetics is literally one of my favorite, if not my favorite brand of makeup.  What’s really great about it, is that its all-natural makeup. No phthalates, No parabens, No PVC, No BPA, etc…basically all the good in a makeup without all the toxins/chemicals/preservatives.

One of my favorites of the Hourglass line is the Hourglass Mineral Primer with SPF 15.  It comes in very professional packaging, and the primer itself is encased in a glass container (well that’s one sure way you know it doesn’t have any BPA).  I mean…look how pretty!!! 🙂


For the best results (at least in my experience), apply your moisturizer right after washing face (or right after the shower).  Then apply this to you face.  You literally only need about half a pump to spread on your face, depending on your skin-type (or if you’re having an oily or dry day).  Sometimes I need a full pump if my skin is going through a dry-spell. Apply it all over…eyelids, under eyes, forehead, cheeks, nose, and neck.   Make sure you apply your concealer (if you use it) within minutes after.  I find that applying it very soon after really helps to keep it smooth on your face. Then apply your foundation/powder/mineral makeup, whatever you use for your foundation.


Take a look at the side-by-side of a concealer both with and without the primer.  I chose a porous part of my hand so that you can get an idea of makeup pockets that you can get on your face. The primer “fills” these pockets so you can get a smoother finish on your skin.  hourglassmineralveilonhandCheck out the red circle, which has no primer, and the green that does. You can see that the primer makes the concealer look extra smooth on your skin.  I’ve even pointed out with the arrow a cakey part of makeup you can see on my hand. Now you can see why this is my partner in prime!! 🙂

This primer can be found at Sephora, or ordered directly through the Hourglass site.

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I was not compensated for this review.  Also I was not provided the mineral veil primer. I purchased this on my own dime.