Moisturize the Air with Crane Cool Mist Humidifier

June 1, 2013|Posted in: Momme

One thing I absolutely hate about being sick is a clogged up nose.  I mean, seriously? You have to endure a possible temperature, body aches, coughing, but to have to deal with the stuffiness?  And that’s the part that usually lasts the longest!   Sure, you can go ahead and get a humidifier for the room, but all of the ones I’ve ever used left the room feeling so “sticky” that I rather suffer the nose stuffiness than feel like I walked into a steam room with my jammies on.

I was introduced to Crane humidifiers at Plush last year (which is a big baby show that happens in Los Angeles).  They attracted me to the table first by their display of such streamlined humidifiers (along with some of their really cute animal ones too!).  I was hooked! I simply had to have one. Here’s what the one I have looks like:


Crane was so awesome to send me one and let me tell you that it was SUCH a lifesaver when my son was born.  The week after my lil man was born, both my husband and my son were sick (he was born in flu season – BOO).  My poor little man was so stuffed up that he panicked every time he breathed in, especially when it came time to eat.  We ran the Crane humidifier day and night, and it completely helped.  When we didn’t have it running, his nose clogged up, and then literally within 10 minutes of running it…his nose cleared up again.

What’s really great about the humidifiers is that they look stylish AND they are cool-mist so it actually cools down your room a little bit and makes it very comfortable.  This is definitely a must have for your nursery or bedroom.

They come apart very easily, can be cleaned very easily and don’t require a filter! (Woohoo!).  It has a small green LED to tell you when it’s running, and it turns red and automatically shuts off when the water is done.  It’s so safe and simple.

Now, since it is a cool mist and does its job, the surface you put it on will have a little bit of condensation on it. Nothing like a cold drink on a hot summer day, but just a slight chill on the surface.  So if your surface is wooden, I do recommend putting the humidifier on something between the humidifier and the wood.  I just put a glass plate down and the humidifier on that.  I’m NOT sure that it would create so much moisture that it would harm that part of the wood, but we had it running non stop for about a week, so I was extra cautious.

The Crane humidifier is also really good for people with allergies. Its almost like it calms the air down in the room so that you can breathe better.  I always put this on when my hubs allergies flare up.  It acts like a moisturizer for his nose.

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I was not compensated for this review.  I was provided the humidifier by Crane.