MMmmmmm Simply Fine Dining (at home!)

October 26, 2012|Posted in: Health

How many people (show of hands) have time to make a well-prepared meal that is not only healthy and nutritious but tasty as well?  No one? Well, maybe a few (very lucky!).  In our busy schedules, it’s often very difficult to not only cook the food, but prepare it as well.  And on top of that, have the food taste good AND be nutritious?

Occasionally I’ll make the time and prepare the food, to have it come out wonderfully, or sometimes one of the dishes gets neglected and we end up eating a little bit of burnt meat or veggies for dindin.  Have you ever tried to convince a kid that burnt meat is really the way it’s supposed to taste?  Those battles at the dinner table are no fun.

I was introduced to Beth Kendall at this company called Simply Fine Gourmet.  This company provides nutritious meats both pre-marinated and not (depending on what you want to thrown in the mix).  They range from Beef, Fish/Seafood, Pork, Lamb/Veal, Vegetarian, Oven Ready, and Desserts.   This selection is green & humane, which means that they are 100% natural and/or verified organic, no hormone or antibiotic injections, raised locally, minimally processed, animals live in healthy humane environments, and the animals are raised on sustainable or ecologically responsible small family farms.

When I received my package of food, it came in a polystyrene container with dry ice and gel packs to keep the food flash frozen and will ensure a safe delivery.  This is what the container looks like…

Simply FIne Gourmet Package

and when opened what you will see inside….

photo 2

There is a layer of dry ice, the simply fine gourmet food, and then another layer of dry ice on top of it.  WARNING – do not let little hands get into this box because there is dry ice.  The package also comes with some cooking instructions for the pre-marinated foods, as well as sample recipes for the non-marinated foods.

Now, I personally had an interesting time opening the box because my hands weren’t strong enough to pull the polystyrene container out of the box, so just know that it is TOTALLY OK to flip it upside down and separate the box from the polystyrene container.   Then you will see which side is indicated you open from.

The selection of meats are all labeled nicely!!

Simply FIne Gourmet Meats

Now on to some fun stuff!!! How about a twitter party to giveaway some fantastic gift cards and a turkey for this up-coming thanksgiving?!?!   For details and RSVP, please visit here:

Simply Fine Gourmet Twitter Party (OVER)

Check out my posts below for some of the pre-marinated meats, and recipes I tried with the Simply Fine Gourmet foods!!

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* I was not compensated for this review.  I was provided the meats by Simply Fine Gourmet. 🙂