Mini Cashew Butter Chocolate Cups

November 29, 2016|Posted in: Recipes

The chocoholic has struck again, and this time it’s with cashew butter chocolate cups!  Since I’ve been on my way to healing my leaky gut, I’ve had to stay away from peanut butter. I have no reaction to it what-so-ever, but the nutritionist felt it would be best as it can sometimes be a cross-reactive food.

SO, of course I took to the web and found a wonderful recipe that I modified, and am bringing it to you courtesy of my healing gut.

Feel free to use any nut-butter or seed-butter of your choice, but cashew butter is my number one choice.  ALSO, I use raw honey in this one, so it may not be considered quite the vegan treat, so feel free to substitute with maple syrup.

Mini Cashew Butter Chocolate Cups

*Makes 16 Pieces


16 mini-paper liners

Chocolate Coating:

1 & 1/2 cups of Dark Chocolate Chips (roughly 7 ounces)


1 tablespoon RAW Honey

1/2 cup of Cashew Butter

1/4 tablespoon of Himalayan Sea Salt Finely Grounded

I personally used Course Himalayan Sea Salt on top (optional)



First thing’s first! Get out those double broilers ( you can also use a glass or heat-safe bowl over a pot) and start melting those chocolate chips!












While the chocolate is melting, mix the filling and start rolling them into balls.  Mix in the cashew butter, salt, and raw honey.  I find that if you do this when the cashew butter, and honey are at room temperature, it mixes very easily.

Once the chocolate is done, fill up the mini paper cups 1/3 of the way with the chocolate, and place the rolled cashew butter balls right in the center.


Then fill up the cups with the remainder of the chocolate just enough to cover the cashew butter balls.   Lastly, if you love the salty-sweet, sprinkle a little coarse sea salt on the top.  Place in the refrigerator until they become solid.

AND THEN…. ENJOY!   Mine lasted about two days in the fridge before they met my belly.


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