Manicure In A Jar

May 26, 2014|Posted in: Beauty, Momme

Well, I wanted to post this before Mother’s Day, but I didn’t want to break the surprise to my sisters of what I had done for them (as they are awesome supporters of my blog! Thanks you guys!). So hopefully you can use this for a future Mother’s Day gift or cute birthday or shower gift idea.

For Mother’s Day I made them each a Manicure In a Jar, and also a few Kisses In A Jar. I basically purchased some essential manicure items such as nail polish, nail clippers, nail cuticle sticks and cotton balls (From Target). I wanted to get nail files as well, but I couldn’t find any that were small enough to fit in the jars. I know they’re out there though. (or you can always just get bigger Jars!)

I then went on a hunt for the glass jars. Sometimes you can get lucky and find them at TJMaxx. You can also find them at The Container Store, World Market, Cost Plus (sometimes), Michael’s (maybe), and any other place that sells canning jars. I purchased mine from World Market for $2.99.

You can put whatever you want on the jar…I chose to put my sisters’ initials, with the middle initial being bigger than the first and last one. I also chose to do a flower hair clip at the top, but you can do any type of top decoration you’d like, including a picture of their child(ren).

Here’s what you need to make one:

1 Glass Jar with a lid you can snap closed

1 set of Martha Stuart Adhesive Stencils

1 flat brush to smooth out the glass paint

1 Martha Stuart Glass Paint (there are so many colors to choose from)

6-10 cotton balls

1 Nail Clipper

2-4 Nail Polish (depending on how big the jar is)

1-2 Nail Files (if you can find the shorter ones that fit)

1 Cuticle Stick

1 Hair Flower Hair Clip

(OR a handful of Hershey’s Kisses if you plan to do Kisses in a Jar)


Total Cost about $13 for the contents and the jar. ($5 if you’re doing Kisses in a Jar)

The adhesives, paintbrush and paint will cost you an extra $20 (or more if you buy more colors), but you can re-use them for future projects.

To get the look that I did:

1)   Place the bigger letter stencil in the middle, and then the two smaller initials on each side of the middle one.

2)   If you have the same letter on each side of the middle initial, paint one of the smaller ones BEFORE THE MIDDLE ONE, and then peel it, and move it to the other side of the middle stencil. Then proceed to paint the middle stencil and the last initial.

3)   Once you’ve painted them, immediately remove them BUT remove them slowly.

4)   If any of the paint leaked under the stencil, you can use a razor blade to straighten it out or a really fine flat-edged item.

5)   Let it dry for 48 hours flat. Make sure you prop up the jar with something so that it doesn’t roll over. Here’s what my jars looked like.

Here is what it looks like with a Manicure in a Jar with the hair clip.


Here’s a Manicure in a Jar with a picture


Here’s Kisses in a Jar with the hair clip.


Here’s Kisses in a Jar with a picture.


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