Making #LikeAGirl Mean Amazing Things

June 29, 2014|Posted in: Self

I really love it when brands pass on really empowering messages.  Always has come out with a new campaign called #LikeAGirl to really help empower girls, and women.  What’s super amazing about it, it that they go through interviewing the older generation about what “doing something like a girl” means, and then proceeded to interview the younger generation asking the same questions.  The results are stunning, and are just SO TRUE.   As a women going through puberty, it is a very sensitive life for a girl, and this rite of passage should be embraced and provided the opportunity for empowerment, instead of ridicule.   These women on this video are very empowering, and really open your eyes.  My favorite is at 2:22 when the woman on screen says “yes, I kick like a girl, swim like a girl, and I walk like a girl, wake up in the morning like a girl because I AM A GIRL”… check out this really great message #LikeAGirl.  Thank you Always.