Lil Man Gettin’ Groovy in his Joovy Room Playard

June 10, 2013|Posted in: Momme

Wow have I been waiting to write this review for a while now!!! I got my Joovy playard when my little man was still inside my belly (7 months) and could not wait for him to use it!!  My nephew slept in it before my lil man did – and let me tell you that he napped really well in the bassinet portion of it. This is what the playard looks like all set up with every bit and piece on it.  It has a changing station, bassinet, playard, and a really great storage hook-up on the side of it.


I set up the playard in the bedroom and used the changing station portion of it and then used the bassinet for putting some clothes in it since little man was in his co-sleeper in our room.  The changing station is awesome with its cushion, and the surface cleans up messes (you know those messy diaper changes!) very easily.  The changing station can be removed off the playard whenever you don’t need/want to use it.

The bassinet provides a safe and sturdy mattress for your lil one to rest his or her head (yes the clothes are out of it now!).  And it’s SPACIOUS!! Lots of room for your lil one to sleep!  (Picture courtesy of Joovy)


Then you can remove the bassinet and have the bottom portion for playtime (and nap time too!) when your little one is big enough.  Removing the bassinet is very easy and takes like a minute to do it.

The playard also comes with some very nice spacious pockets on one side of it and offers more pockets attached to the changing station too.  I feel like I can just load it up with diapers, butt paste, wipes, and even tons more stuff!

AND…in addition to all this fabulous stuff…you can take this playard to go! It comes with a carrying case, and folds up so compactly.  I haven’t had the chance to take it on a trip yet, but you better believe it will be with us in the car when we travel.  It’s nice to know I can take a place for my little one to sleep when we’re on the road. Especially one I know that is sturdy and safe.

What I honestly love about this playard, is that it can help to make things easier to maintain your lifestyle. For instance, you can keep the changing table up in your bedroom and make diaper changes there other than doing it on the bed or carpet which can often lead to leaks, and more time wasted on cleaning up “the mess” from the diaper.  Also, if you’re on the go and like to take adventures with the family, this simply can fold away and become the play pen, sleeper, and changing station wherever you go!  Also, when you simply need to get a quick email, or wash those dishes, or even fold that dreaded laundry, this playard can provide a means of doing so by safely hang on to your little one.  🙂

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I was not compensated for this review.  Joovy provided me with the Playard (thank you Pam!)