Let’s Keep it Clean with Tidy Tote (and GIVEAWAY!)

July 12, 2014|Posted in: Momme

Its a typical day with the family, when you’re out and about, running around, picking up groceries, a trip to the park, and maybe even a nice little lunch (well….maybe it’s pick up if you’ve got kids that just can’t seem to accept that a high chair is meant for sitting, and not standing, dropping food, and leaning out screaming like my son)…then IT happens…. you’re officially on poo patrol and need to change your kiddo stat, and try every attempt not to get that yellow or brown P to the double O from touching anything around you, especially your clothes (although at this point what’s another drop of snot, slobber or food that has come out of a human poo hole).  You’ve managed to keep yourself clean, and don’t have anywhere to put the soiled mess!  DAMN…

ENTER Tidy Tote.  Tidy tote is a reusable bag to hold all of your soiled items!  It’s super light-weight, can literally be folded so small that you can hold it in the palm of your hand, has a closeable drawstring,tidytotedrawstringclosecleans easy (even in the washing machine), has an inner lining that you can pull out to rinse quickly tidytoteliningAND comes in four really cute designs. (see pic below)


What I really love about this bag is that it really holds in the moisture (and POO!) for those accidents, its bigger than a typical soil bag that may come with your diaper bag, and doesn’t create waste like a Ziplock bag.  It looks like it’s almost the size of a gallon ziplock bag, and….for all you beauty mommies out there…. it can double as a super huge makeup bag!!  LOL.tidytotemakeupbag

And I’m giving three of them away!!

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