Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas

June 17, 2016|Posted in: Momme

Father’s Day Gifts can be tricky ones. Sometimes just thinking about it can bring on a sense of anxiety, until you realize – it’s ON SUNDAY and you don’t have anything!!!    Deep breath – here are some last minute ideas for hubs, and for the other fathers you want to honor and celebrate.

  1. A Wallet. Yes I know, it sounds so cliche to give them a wallet.  But think about it, they are thrown, tossed and dropped many times and are usually on the brink of falling apart.  So when daddy is sleeping, check out their wallet and see if a new one is needed.  Macy’s or other department stores usually have a really great (and reasonably priced) selection.
  2. A Massage.  Doesn’t this sound nice?  An amazing day at the spa getting your stress rubbed, steamed, and soaked away.  Just think about how much daddy would love something like this too.  Most of these can be purchased online. So just print, and put it in a card.  Can’t afford one? Make a nice relaxing environment after the kids go down and give him a nice looooong massage yourself!
  3. A Race Car Shirt.  This one seems a little weird, I know.  But hear me out on this one.  Do you ever witness the kids jumping and walking on daddy’s back?  I know I do.  A shirt like this with cars racing on his back not only give him a chance to rest (because, they don’t rest, right?) but the feeling of cars racing up and down the back can give a nice massage.  This picture is from My Shirt Shack on Etsy, but you can find them everywhere.   cartrackshirtetsy
  4. Let Them Sleep. Aaahhh the days of being able to just sleep in and get out of bed whenever seem so far away.  Give that special daddy a day to sleep in.
  5. An Experience.  Some dad’s like to sleep, and others like to experience something.  So take a look at his hobbies, and see if that’s something he wants to do. From a day on the golf course, skydiving, a fitness class, hiking, etc.
  6. Make is Sentimental.  From foot print picture frames, to home made cards, sometimes keeping it sentimental can be especially amazing.  Pinterest can be your best friend here to give you some ideas.
  7. Chocolate Bags. Sweet tooth anyone?  I have to admit this is tough to get through if you’re a chocoholic like me.  If you have more than one dad to think about (i.e. amazing uncles and grand father’s) a DIY present can be the way to go. Check out the bags I did for last year’s father’s day. I bought a 10 pack of bags from Target, and a sheet of patterned paper that looked like a pattern of a tie.  I then cut out a tie-looking shape, glued it on the bag and made what you see in the picture below.  THEN – I stuffed them with chocolate!













Wishing you and yours a very HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!

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