Knott’s Spooky Farm 2015

October 3, 2015|Posted in: Events

Once those pumpkin flavored everythings start popping up, it means that it’s time for fall. Living in SoCal, that’s one of the few ways to know that seasons are a changing (since all we seem to be getting lately is sunshine). Another exciting thing that pops up is Knotts Spooky Farm!


I was given the opportunity to enjoy a day with my family at this spook-tacular adventure. The Spooky farm is the kids version of the adult’s Knott’s Scary Farm. Everything is done in the daytime, and they offer quite a few things to do outside of the Camp Snoopy attractions.

Kids can take part in “Snoopy’s Costume Contest and Dance Party” and also visit the Camp Spooky Theatre to view “The Monsters are Coming, Charlie Brown”, a new Halloween show where everyone sings and dances in the aisles to all their favorite Halloween tunes (monster mash is in there).  Kids of all ages can also join in the fun with spooky karaoke and mask making at the “Monster Masquerade Ball Karaoke” or go Trick-or-Treating at Ghost Town where friendly ghosts deliver delicious treats.  At the “Spooky Hollow Maze” kids travel through a spooky forest with gigantic jack-o-lanterns and encounter a headless horseman! Yikes!


We took our adventures to the Trick-Or-Treating first so that we had some “energy” to start off our day (this means to get the sugar rush out of the way and get it all out on the rides!). The entire town is there to greet you as you head to each different door, in which you ring the doorbell and hear some spooky sounds (this really terrified my 2yo, so we had our niece (6yo) do it).

In heading over to Camp Snoopy we ran into some of the Peanuts gang, and of course I got to meet the dog of my dreams… Snoopy (he was so shy).

We took some time out to ride on quite a few of those Camp Snoopy rides, headed back to see “The Monsters are Coming, Charlie Brown” to get our groove on… and took an adventure through the maze (which those pumpkins scared my LO a little bit, but the 6yo was just fine).

Knott’s Spooky Farm is included with regular park admission to Knott’s Berry Farm (Online ticket prices are $40), kids under 3 are free and the hours are 10AM to 5:30PM.

And of course…the kids were so exhausted from all the fun they had, they went to bed on time…which means more time to go and give myself a moisturizing mask.


Disclaimer: Thank you GigaSavvy for providing my family complimentary tickets to attend Knott’s Spooky Farm in exchange for sharing my fun experience.