Kiss Everlasting French Manicure

June 17, 2014|Posted in: Beauty

Anyone who knows me KNOWS that french manicures are my manicures of choice, and that I don’t ever put press-ons, gel or acrylic on my nails because I simply don’t need to really.  I was blessed with some pretty kick ass nails that are tough and get through some pretty rough use (especially being a mom).   Influenster sent me a set to try in the #SpringVoxBox and I have to say that I was blown away impressed.

Not only were the nails very natural looking on my hands, then had a lot more width sizes for my nail beds.  For some reason, I have some very wide nail beds, so anytime I ever attempted to try any type of nail product on my hands, they just would NOT fit!

Someone has definitely been listening and has provided many more sizes….sizes that fit! YAY!   So now, it’s super nice to know that I have a go-to when I have a nail break or chip…and not ONLY a go-to but a french tip go-to! That’s pretty rare.  Kiss Everlasting French Manicure

The package comes like this and includes nail sizes 1-13, nail glue, a nail file, a cuticle pusher and instructions.

Kiss Everlasting French Manicure Open Box

To prep simply take of any nail polish, and file down your nails (at least for me I had to, my nails are normally longer than the length of these), and press back your cuticles.  Now, for me….I don’t like to put glue directly on my nails because I don’t want to ruin them. SO I put on a thin coat of Sally Hanson’s 4 in 1 Nail Treatment.  I just like a little added layer of protection.

bare nails

Squeeze glue all over the reverse side of the press-on, and also put some on YOUR nail.  Just be careful as some of the glue is going to squeeze out of the sides of the nail…try to resist wiping until the nail has glued down to your nail, then take a tissue and wipe away, and then hold the nail on yours for a little bit longer.  I’d say to hold the nail on for at least 90 seconds or so to ensure the glue has dried.

Then you get through your entire nail set, and Viola!

Everlasting French Nails Finished

Signature 1

I was not compensated for this review.  I received the product for free from Influenster.