Keto Chocolate Mint Protein Shake

December 7, 2018|Posted in: Recipes

One thing that I’ve noticed is the surge of nut-based protein drinks.  The protein content seems to continuously include better quality protein. However, with the increased protein comes increased sugar.   I tend to make those nut-milk based protein shakes at home and take them with me everywhere.  I do this so I can control the sugar content in it.  One of my favorites to make is my chocolate mint protein shake.  It includes a whopping 21g of protein and NO SUGAR!

Here is what you’ll need:

*1 serving of unsweetened protein powder

*3 TBSP Steviva Ketosesweet Sweetener

*1 TBSP Cocoa Nibs

*1 Mint Leaf

*8oz unsweetened Cashew milk (or other nut/soy based- milk)

How to make it:

Add in the cashew milk, sweetener, protein powder, cocoa nibs and mint leaf into a blender.  Blend on high until ingredients have mixed well.  Serve chilled.