Keep Your Nose Clean with Oogiebear

November 7, 2015|Posted in: Health, Momme

Have you ever gone to a playground or a play date and see a child (or two) with a big dry/slimy booger just hanging there; a booger that you would pull out yourself if it were your own kid. Yes, they are gross. BUT, they’re something that happens to the best of us.   I mean, better out than in, right?

Or how about when it’s your own child and you’re rushing to get a wipe or something that can fish that little sucker out of that tiny nostril.   First attempt, nothing. Second attempt; I almost got it! Third attempt; damn it broke off! Now that slippery (or dry) little sucker just taunts you.   And then YOU become the mom with “that” kid on the playground with a dangling booger.

Let’s not make that happen anymore. How you ask? With Oogiebear.   When I first saw this product, I thought what the heck is this thing. It’s so tiny, and just too weird! You have to stick a piece of this up your child’s nose? YEP. And you know what? This shit works.

There are two sides. One side looks like a mini spoon that can scoop out the round boogers that you can find. The other side looks like a spoon with a hole in it that can wrangle those long dry ones and those long sticky ones that seem to come out like a slippery worm. (EEEWWW… I just gagged).

Oogiebear Oogiebear2They can be carried with little space in your diaper bag, or placed in your toiletries kit at home. I can’t get over how quick and simple this thing is to use.   The tips are soft enough so that they don’t damage the inside of the nose, and are shallow enough that they won’t poke too far.

Oogiebear is seriously inexpensive, and you can purchase a second one for 50% off, because why would you want to share it with multiple people? I mean; you don’t share your snotty tissue with others, do you? One Oogiebear for one nose. Here is a code for 50% off your second one. SAFETYBOGO50

Go ahead, I dare you. I double Oogie dare you!

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