Keep Skin Feeling Well With MyChelle

October 22, 2017|Posted in: Beauty

Since I was pregnant with my first child, I was continuously on the hunt for skincare products that are safe to use while pregnant and nursing.  Believe me when I say that I’ve found many… many that didn’t work.  They left my face super dry, never took my makeup fully off, or simply didn’t provide a good makeup base that I so desperately needed.

As frustrated as I was, I continued to search and stumbled across a few skincare lines that I could really get on board with.  One of them is MyChelle. MyChelle is formulated with out any synthetic ingredients, parabens, petroleum derivatives and many other icky ingredients.  It is also one of the few skincare lines that are transparent about their ingredients.  AND when I say transparent, I mean transparent. They have a list of all their ingredients and why they exist in their products.

What’s even better for me, is that their line is vegan and gluten-free. (yay for me!)

Here are four products from their line that I am completely obsessed with.

Refining Sugar Cleanser

Who doesn’t need a good face scrub, right? This scrub is one of my favorites.  Out of the bottle it’s mildly coarse (from the sugar) and then as you work it into your skin, it lathers up.   All while you’re doing that your face smells like sugar and vanilla – good enough to eat!

Perfect C Pro-serum

This serum is formulated to help brighten the skin, because we all love to have that glowing skin, right? It has one of the highest active levels of Vitamin C in its formula, and helps to improve skin texture.  Simply put it on after you wash your skin, but before any creams. You don’t need very much at all.

Remarkable Retinal Serum

Now, with any pregnancy or nursing mamas, it’s not ever recommended you use retinol. This serum has a very potent form of Vitamin A and orange plant stems cells to promote healthy skin! (I’ll take two of these please!)

Sun Shield Liquid Tint

I’m so excited about this one! MyChelle just came out with this one. It is a sun protectant, and has a little bit of tint in it. It goes on SO smooth, and is a great base for your makeup.  They have two tints for you to choose from – Nude or Tan.

You can definitely feel a difference in your skin after a few nights of using these products!  I’ve teamed up with MyChelle and they will be giving one lucky winner the entire bundle!  Be sure to enter below!