Joovy Jogging Stroller Zoom 360

April 30, 2014|Posted in: Momme

Never in a million years did I imagine myself having a jogging stroller. Before I got pregnant (or even had babies on the brain), I was an avid gym goer (still am when I have the time).  So when I’d see these jogging strollers on the streets, I never imagined that I’d ever be a mommy with one.  Years later, I’m a mommy and a jogging stroller is something I wanted SO badly.   I am fortunate enough to have been given the opportunity to not only review a jogging stroller, but to review and have the Joovy Zoom 360 jogging stroller.

What’s really great about having this jogging stroller…is that for all you busy moms that don’t have time to get into the gym, walking/jogging really is a great exercise. It gets you and baby outside and moving. And what’s better than having an awesome jogger that can entice you to put on those jogging shoes and start moving (what a great way to maintain a beautiful lifestyle, right?)

Let me tell ya that I get looks from down the street when I’m zooming down with this baby (pun intended). This stroller is so streamline and comfortable to jog and walk around.  When it goes over bumps and cracks in the roads/sidewalk, it feels like the stroller is riding on cushions.  Check out my lil man in it!! 🙂

Little guy in Joovy Zoom

The stroller comes with all the bits and pieces that you need – the stroller organizer, the weather cover, and a pump for the tires.  I love how all the accessories come with the stroller so you don’t have to feel like you’re getting nickel and dimed.

Now on to the stroller!!  The Zoom 360 comes in with shock absorbing suspension system (yes…super fancy), an extra large canopy, a storage underneath, two side mesh pockets (these hold things SO tightly in the stroller), a swivel front wheel that can provide maximum maneuverability and that can lock for long straight paths, and folds so compactly you can put it in the corner. It also comes in blue, red or black.


My lil guy sits comfortably reclined back or sitting up. Either way he’s securely seated in the stroller with the five-point harness system it has (which is very adjustable).  Lastly it has a strap for you to put on your wrist as your walking/jogging so that stroller won’t get away from you!! (check it out below).  You can see the top view of the awesome extra large canopy, the window to check out your lil one, and the stroller organizer. 🙂

Joovy Zoom Top

I definitely recommend this jogger for all you walking/jogging/fitness mamas out there. SUCH a nice ride.

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I was not compensated for this review.  I was provided this product by Joovy. (Thanks Pam!)