Jon Stewart and a Brave New Girl

June 3, 2015|Posted in: Self

Now that the world has been talking about Caitlyn Jenner on media, blogs, social media, television, etc etc… why not add another one to the lot, right?  However mine not so much will talk about my personal opinions on her transformation – albeit she is brave, strong, and she looks fabulous.  However will talk about something that only one person – Jon Stewart – I’ve seen point out is the women bashing that takes place.  I mean… why?   Women (and people) have enough challenges and cliches to take on in this world (let’s not mention our insecurities)… but when someone does something so drastic…everyone has to find a way to either knock that person down, or knock some one else down to “maintain balance” as Jon Stewart points out.

And let’s not forget to mention that now, Caitlyn Jenner becomes objectified just as every woman does… she’s too old…she must have been Photoshopped…she lost all that weight but starved herself… etc etc… I mean, on one hand it could be a good sign that’s happening to her because it means a lot more people than not have accepted her as a woman… but on the other hand… it still shows how the media fails to notice women for their accomplishments, business acumen, etc…

But back to my point… when will we live in a time where women are seen for their all encompassing packages…looks AND brains AND personality AND athleticism AND many other things…without any jabs to try and level the playing field.  And this is done mostly by other women.  When are women going to start bringing eachother up instead of trying to push one another down.  We already have to battle the media with it…so why each other.

Well said Jon Stewart….well said… #callmecaitlyn #nailedit #bekindtooneanother

If you missed it…here is the clip: