Hourglass Soiree – Notorious Nudes

August 1, 2013|Posted in: Events

Can I just say that if I worked for Hourglass Cosmetics, I would seriously be playing with makeup all day?  I wouldn’t get any work done! Although I’m sure the fabulous ladies that work at the Venice location hardly feel like its work.

The office is in Venice beach….very modern…sheik….and has makeup everywhere (in amazing display cases, similar to setups you’d see in Sephora).  There is a deck that overlooks part of Venice, and you can see the fabulous sunset, which is what us ladies did tonight.  We were greeted so well with the ladies that work there with some decadent appetizers and some light refreshments.

AND…some really great makeup artists (that of course work for Hourglass) that really helped show how to use the products in the line properly and get the best results with different techniques.


We all got to really see the Notorious Nudes that they have come out with, which are a collection of nude lip crayons that give you tons of moisture and a satin finish.  The line comes in six shades…my favs are No1 and No6.   There’s a color for every complexion, mood, and style you are trying to pull off.  They go on really easy and stay on pretty well too.  They’re not a lip stain; so don’t expect an all-day wear…but basically something you can look forward to reaching in your bag and giving yourself that perfect splash of color and finish.

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