Holidays at LEGOland are Brick-tastic!

November 29, 2017|Posted in: Events

Last week the family and I had an AMAZING time at LEGOLAND California’s annual #HolidaysAtLEGOland . The entire park transforms into a beautiful holiday wonderland filled with holiday trimmings and decorations. They even welcome the jolly old man himself, LEGO SANTA!!!

The Activities

We started our journey from the front and enjoyed a few coasters, a few games, and of course made our way up to the playground. The walk ways were lined with Lego Christmas trees, and wreaths on all the lamp posts.

We took our turn on the Helicopter ride, putting out fires at the fire station, and attempting to learn how to drive on their driving track (thank goodness, it’s just a track!). Everywhere you turned there was a new Lego adventure whether it be a ride, assembling Legos, Holiday entertainment, and so much more.

Holiday Cheer

Heading towards the center of the park, we made it to the mesmerizing Lego Christmas Tree. It was decorated by real lights (that light up at night) and all the ornaments were made with nothing other than Legos! On one side of the tree you can be sure to catch some entertainment on stage, and on the other side they reserve the space for the jolly Lego Santa.

Let’s not forget the amazing cities that have been created out of LEGOS! I mean, I can’t even imagine how long those must have taken. Within these created towns, they added elements of the holidays as well. Check out what they did in front of the Capitol building.

A Gluten-Free Surprise!

OH! I have to mention that they have gluten-free options there! This is super exciting for me because I always have to take my food (which I don’t mind), but if I feel like indulging in some French fries (which is SUPER rare that I do), I know I can count on LEGOland to allow me the opportunity.

Dropping the New Years Brick

The night ends with a show that mimics a “New Year’s Eve Party” completed with a huge LEGO brick dropping 22 feet into 2018 and some amazing fireworks to end the night at 6PM.

Last, but definitely not least, your ticket comes with entry to the SEA LIFE aquarium as well, and the steps are just outside the front gate of LEGOland.

We can’t wait to go back!

Ticket Info

Special early bird pricing for Holidays at LEGOLAND start at $75 beginning Nov. 1 through Dec. 11. For more Holidays information, visit