Get Waisted with Mama Mio Bootcamp for Tummies

September 12, 2013|Posted in: Momme

I know I KNOW what you’re thinking…seriously? Another skin care cream that promises to dissolve fat and firm skin AND doesn’t contain chemicals??

I’m here to tell you….you bet your tummy this stuff works!  I have been an admirer of Mama Mio products since I was introduced to them, and I’ve always loved them.  I love that they are made from good ingredients and they really help you trim away that belly fat.  Whether it’s from post pregnancy, or you just want a firmer, slimmer tummy.


The kit is called Bootcamp For Tummies and comes with two creams. The Skin Tight cream that you apply on first, that helps to tighten your skin, and then the Get Waisted cream that helps you to loose those inches on your belly.  The kit also comes with a set of instructions that tells you exactly how to use it for maximum results, and the corresponding exercises you do to help you trim that waste line.

The Skin Tight cream is actually more like a serum.  I used one and a half to two squirts and applied it on my tummy and around the sides (including the muffin-top area).

The Get Wasted is a cream, and once you apply it to your tummy (after the shower!) and start those lil tummy exercises, you can feel your tummy heat up. It feels like you’ve applied strong peppermint on your tummy. It’s really cool! I used one squirt on my tummy with this one.

As for the little exercises, you seriously can do them while you’re getting ready, or sitting down, driving…nursing…watching TV…you name it!! When you first start doing them, you may have a tendency to put your shoulders into it (which is not the right way to do it), but after a few days of getting the hang of it (and a stronger belly) you learn to isolate the abs and are able to get more effectiveness from the exercise.

The Bootcamp For Tummies is a 30-day results program…and it worked.  I lost two inches from my waistline, tummy is definitely flatter and my skin is firmer too.  I am now 40 days in and I am going to keep going!! The kit will provide you with about 60-80 days of use.  That all depends on how many pumps you need per product.

Now, my hubs would kill me if I were posting pics of my abs online…so here is a picture of an appendix scar I have to show the skin tightening affects. If you look at the left image, you can see my scar and the skin around it sags slightly and makes it stick out.  Then after 30 days on the right side, the scar is fading away because the skin is tightening causing the scar to go back to normal (pre-pregnancy).

mamamiobeforeandafter(NOTE that this image was used on my old blog allaroundbeautyblog, and I’ve transferred it over.)

I am so excited about the results and really do believe in this product.

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 I was not compensated for this review.  I was provided this kit from Mama Mio.