Get Shredded…with Chicken (Recipe)

June 10, 2013|Posted in: Health, Recipes

Trying to find clean eats for you and the family can be a daunting task sometimes…especially when we’re all pressed for time.  One recipe that I always like to make time and time again is shredded chicken.  Why? Because you can make it with any piece of chicken that you get from the market (except ground of course) AND you can make a bunch to last you for the week.

Shredded chicken is great because you can put it on top of salads, make tacos with it, add it in casserole, put it in an omelet…you name it, the options are endless.

I personally like to make this with Organic Chicken Breast (both regular cut or thin sliced), and a good one to get it from is from Simply Fine Gourmet.  They offer not only organic, but cage free chicken breast that is flash frozen, so it harnesses all those good nutrients you need in a protein.

So here’s how you make it…

Take your chicken breasts and marinate on one side the spices you like.

I personally like Himalayan sea salt, pepper, garlic and dill.  Take a skillet and put a VERY VERY thin coat of either olive oil or RAW butter and make sure the skillet is on high heat.  Then you put the chicken breast in like this:

photo 1

And then when it turns a light tan on one side, turn it over like this:

 photo 4

Take a look to see if the second side looks like the first, then you add water about half way up the CHICKEN.

Keep an eye on it for about 10 minutes or so, and then take some tongs (or a fork) and see if you can shred the chicken a little bit…if you can, then it’s done.

Put it on a plate and shred away!!


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