Finding some great new SONGZA

May 26, 2014|Posted in: Techy

One of the best things about music is that it can truly define your personality, mood, lifestyle, and even what you’re up to!!   That’s why there are some great music subscription services like Sirius radio or XM radio, but who wants to pay for that? And even though they “CLAIM” there are no commercials…there are…which defeats the entire purpose of the service!

I am a free-radio listener myself, and there’s just sometimes I don’t feel like listening to what’s on.   Sure I can bust out the playlist on my phone (sometimes), but don’t always have that extensive playlist….and even while I’m driving, I can’t look down at my phone and navigate through all my playlists while I drive (that is a BIG safety no-no….and if you’re doing that…stop that now! LOL (I’m kinda joking…but not…).

I then came across Songza one day when I was at Coffee Bean working on my mobile app and wanted something else to listen to other than “coffee-shop” music and that non-stop talking lady across from me that the oh-so-lame music was not drowning out.

Songza is a free music app that you can play on your computer desktop or your mobile device. You don’t need WiFi to download it OR play it. Simply download, create an account, and start listening. When you open the app you will be navigated to a screen that tells you what day and time of day it is…and offers some suggestions based on a common activity that happens around that time of day.


So for instance, I was at coffee bean one afternoon, and opened my app to this. I went straight to “Boosting Your Energy” and navigated to the type of music that I felt like listening to. Once they start playing music, you can thumbs up or down the song, and it will feed you songs to your liking. Just be sure to keep telling the app what you like, so it can get to know you! LOL. (Yes, this is some real AI stuff going on here).



OR if you don’t like that selection, you can navigate to the menu and it gives you options to select your music based on different activities you may be doing, moods, genres, and even decades the music comes to. You can even check out your favorite playlists, and recent music profiles you were listening to so you can go back to it.


I went back on the app Tuesday Night and had the chance to workout…you can see that the activities that pop up on the screen have now changed…I happily selected “Working Out” (hey…a mama’s gotta keep looking beautiful, right?) and my dance workout music (yes, I listen to that every time)…and was on my merry way with some super amazing Songza!!


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