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May 12, 2014|Posted in: Techy

Now one thing that I definitely lost some sleep over before I had my first baby (and still do as my toddler goes through many different phases of his life) is what are the best products to purchase that are effective AND work for our lifestyle.   My husband and I spent so many countless hours on amazon.com and brand sites to see what would work the best for us. We went to (and still DO!) go to shows like Big City Mom’s #BiggestBabyShower , ABC Kids EXPO and Club MomMe Fall Fest and many others to get more of a social and hands on experience with mom and baby products, because many times its better to just see it in person (and get a chance to mingle with the brands who show you how to properly use their products).  While I still highly encourage you to attend at least one of these shows, some of these shows are not all accessible by location, and sometimes you need a quicker resource….


I have been working with Ali Landry and a wonderful team to develop a new Mobile App called Favored.by, which helps you shop smarter for mom and baby products. It helps you weed through all of the reviews/products that are out there and really just get into the nitty-gritty of what you need. The mobile app also makes discovering and sharing baby products fun and easy, by focusing on your ultimate favorite products. Yes…just your ultimate favorite…not your second favorite. Why only one? Because we don’t ask our friends what their second favorite is.

When you sign up you’re asked to take a personality profile quiz which allows us to get a sense of what your likes and interests are. This helps to pair you with people who are like-minded, as well as gives us a sense of what products you would like.

Once you go into the app, you can see the suggested followers that we recommend can help you “see” what products are effective and helpful for mom and baby.

You can also click on the horizontal menu button at the upper left and can see the main menu, which can help you navigate everywhere on the app.


Your profile page has your name, location (which you can choose to keep private), your badge symbol, the number of products you favored, your followers, how many people you follow, your bookmarks, and a pictorial list of all the products you have favored in the app.


You can go into “My Feed” which shows the products that the people you start following are favoring, as well as what’s trending in real time by most recent and most popular.


Or you can simply go and browse products to favor your favorites, see what’s trending in each category, or even to discover other products in the respective mom and baby categories.


Check out the video that walks you through the app.


What I really love about our app is that it can allow you to

1)   See what’s trending in real time

2)   Connect with like-minded people

3)   Filter your search for products on what’s popular, what’s being used most in your local community, celebrities.

4)   Get exclusive discounts on the products you want

5)   Earn Favored.by points to redeem them to win great products


AND….there are so many more wonderful things about this app….but you’ll have to download it to check it out!!

OH also…there is a HUGE Launch Party Giveaway going on right now to celebrate the launch of the event. SO MANY wonderful prizes by so many wonderful brands. Don’t miss this… just click on the image to get there. OH!! And don’t forget to FAVOR YOUR FAVORITES!!



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