Facial Toning with Bella Lip Appliance

December 6, 2018|Posted in: Beauty

With the ever-evolving beauty community, one thing is certain, that we all want to look young (er).  Taking care of our skin, particularly the skin on our face is a priority for many people.  Whether it be through lasers, fillers, scrubs, face lifts, and facial devices.

One of the devices I see on the rise are facial toning devices.   Why are they on the rise? They are on the rise because the face, much like muscles in the body, also need to move to stay toned.   We have 57 muscles in our face (including our lips) and neck that are plump when we are younger because they are stronger and full of collagen. As we get older, the skin, tissues and the muscles begin to sag as well.

What is Bella Lip Appliance?

There is this new facial toning device I stumbled upon at a consumer event called the Bella Lip Appliance.  It is a device that helps to tone the muscles in your face!

Now, it may look a little different, but not to worry.  It was created in a way that allows the user to “workout” their face in two different ways.  And you know the best part?  It only takes 1 minute a day. That’s it. You can do it on the toilet!

After I use this device, I can feel my neck and cheeks tighten a little bit just like I worked out!  Have you ever tried to whistle for a long time and your face cramped up a little?  That’s because you were positioning your face in such a way that you were actually working it out!

Who Created It?

The Bella Lip Appliance was created by Dr. Maryam.  She is an orthodontist located in South Bay and is a local beach babe like me!  She specializes in sleep apnea and TMJ disorders.  Her knowledge and insight into the muscles of the face and neck are incredibly detailed and makes her very qualified to create a product that can help with a more youthful appearance.

What comes in your package?

When you order the Bella Lip Appliance, it comes in this great set pictured below.   Everything included is the Bella Lip Appliance, the case, an instruction guide, and lip serum!


So, if you’re a beauty buff, and really fear needles, lasers and even surgery, this might be the tool for you!  They have a Holiday promo that includes $40 off, free shipping, and a month’s supply of Sacha Inchi lip oil going on right now on the website, so you can head over HERE to check it out.  Happy Toning!


(Photo credit Ographr).