Facebook Messenger’s Hidden Messages!

April 7, 2016|Posted in: Techy

As if we aren’t already annoyed that Facebook continuously changes the rules for messaging.  First it’s a completely different app – which I’m still getting used to.  And now, those messages that people send you outside your squad… oh that’s right. You don’t know about them because they’re HIDDEN.


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I found out about them when I’d had a few moms contact me from mom groups.  I personally had thought “what message?” and that mommy brain caught the best of them.




Here are some step-by-step instructions to see those messages.  ****WARNING *** It will blow your mind!

1. When you open your messenger, you will be defaulted to your screen of messages.  Click on the “Settings” gear at the bottom right. 


2. Then click on “People”


3. Then click on “Message Requests”


4. You will be directed to a list of messages you’ve responded to, but there’s more!  Click on “Filtered Requests”


Then sit back and watch your mind be blown.



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