Everything Tastes Better in Glass like a Lifefactory Glass Bottle

June 25, 2013|Posted in: Health

Another step towards having a more BPA-free lifestyle is to get rid of those plastic bottles and drink out of glass ones.  I know, I know… they’re heavy, or prone to break..etc etc…and that may all be true. BUT I have found a glass bottle that I DO like that has gotten me through thick and thin (and has been dropped countless times without breaking).

lifefactorybottlesLifefactory glass bottles come in three different sizes (excluding the baby bottle ones of lifefactoryflatcapcourse).   The 22oz, 16oz and 9oz.   They’re protected with a silicone encasing (comes with the bottle) and they also have two different tops, a classic cap and a flip cap.  The 9oz bottle comes with a different top called the flat cap.


Now, I am a fan of the classic cap and the flip cap ones…and I use them for two different things…I carry my classic cap one with me everywhere (and use it around the house) and I use the flip cap when I’m going to be on the road and need to put my green juice or something in it; its also great for the gym.


As for the 9oz ones…I’m definitely NOT a fan.  I thought this would be perfect for on-the-go and fitting in every type of purse I take out, but I found that it leaked every time. I thought that perhaps I wasn’t closing it properly…nope. Never failed.  So I really don’t recommend the smaller ones.  Perhaps the fact that the cap isn’t lined with silicone like the other two bigger ones are is the reason for the leaking.  I dunno…but I don’t recommend these smaller ones till they can fix em.

In any case, you can simply pop these babies into the dishwasher to clean em…or you can get one of those long sponge brushes to clean. lifefactory9oz They clean really well and really easily.  AND they fit into most cup holders too, whether in the car or stroller.  But honestly, I just plop it right in the seat next to me. Hahaha.

You can purchase them directly from the site, on Amazon.com or at Whole Foods.  I’m sure you can get them elsewhere, but these places are where I purchased mine.

ALSO!! It looks like they are still running their holiday discount code “FITPREG20”. Takes 20% off the bottles. 🙂

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I was not compensated for this review.  I also was NOT provided these from Lifefactory. I purchased them on my own.