Enhancing the Immune System with Plant Sterols

March 30, 2018|Posted in: Health

With the on-set of food allergies, compromised immune systems, and illnesses overpowering vaccines, we could definitely use a little more immune support.  Have you ever wondered why autoimmune diseases and inflammation are on the rise?   The causes of that can simply be endless. Which I won’t even get into because that in itself can be a long-winded discussion about the lack of FDA regulation and lobbyists.  But I won’t go there, and want to have this conversation veer towards a more positive light.

The Immune System

Let’s first talk about the immune system.  What the heck is it?  The immune system is out body’s natural defense towards the outside (and inside) world.  It’s essentially our army of T-Cell soldiers that keep things copacetic in the body.   So, when that big bad flu virus veers its ugly head, your immune system gathers the T-Cell soldiers and their troops and goes to war (AKA creates an immune response). The goal is to overpower the virus and kick it out of your body through blood, sweat, urine or poop.  Sounds pretty simple, right?

When your immune system is compromised, your body’s natural defenses (AKA your T-Cell soldiers and troops) are not able to gather a big enough or strong enough crowd to fight off the simplest of diseases. And when I say simple, I mean as simple as licking your finger after it’s touched some foreign bacteria on a door handle. (EEEW, I know).

Individuals who have a compromised immune system can live in many different disease states such as leaky gut, crohn’s, rheumatoid arthritis, autoimmune diseases (such as Hashimoto’s, Lupus, etc.).   These compromised health states are simply weakened T-Cell troops that tend to lose the battle against big bad viruses and bacteria. This is because they have permeable membranes, or simply just can’t create enough T-Cell troops needed for the number of foreign invaders.   Additionally, individuals with these compromised health states can also have T-Cell troops that will attack healthy tissues in the body because they are mistaking them for foreign invaders, which is essentially what an autoimmune disease is.

What about Echinacea?

I totally know what you might be thinking, just take Echinacea or Elderberry all year long to protect yourself.   Well for one thing, these two supplements are not recommended for prolonged use.  Additionally, an individual with a compromised immune system such as an autoimmune disease cannot take these supplements as their bodies are already compromised enough.

For someone like me, with Hashimoto’s hypo-thyroiditis, taking Echinacea will gather my T-Cell troops and prepare them for battle on my healthy thyroid tissues (which is something I have to put in check daily).    Additionally, this process of sending my soldiers and troops into battle, creates inflammation in the body, which causes discomfort, join pain, body pain, headaches, mood swings, and so many other terrible side effects.   Just think about what happens on your skin when you get a pimple.  It turns white, it swells up, and sometimes it can even be rather painful.  That’s pretty much what’s happening inside your body, especially when you are in a chronic disease state; you’re inflamed A LOT.

Plant Sterols

So, what’s a person to do, to help create a supported immune system?  Here’s two words for you – Plant Sterols.

I know what you’re thinking, sterols?  Like sterile?  Those are two completely different words, no matter how much they sound the same.    Plant sterols are plant fats found in all plant based food. Plant sterols will help quite a few things in your body such as regulate the immune response, inhibiting the immune response that causes inflammation, boosts the production of those T-Cell Soldiers in your body, and performs quite similarly to how cortisone performs without the bad side effects.

So how do I get them in by body?

Well, you could consume 500 to 700 grams of raw veggies and fruits to get these benefits.  I always recommend ingesting as much fresh veggies as you can, even ones that are cooked.  But sometimes we want to cook them, which can remove the plant sterols. And let’s be honest, sometimes that can be quite a bit much to consume 500-700 grams of veggies.  The solution is to take a nutraceutical for that – Moducare.  Moducare is a blend of plant sterols and sterolins which help to support the immune system.

Moducare helps to support the immune system by providing it with the essential plant based fats needed to coat the healthy cells properly.  It offers this support regardless of whether your immune system is under-active, is constantly overstimulated through stress, lack of sleep, etc. (which is what happens when you take Echinacea and Elderberry), or have an autoimmune condition (AKA the T-Cell troops are attacking your healthy cells).   That means your T-Cell soldiers and troops are better equipped, protected, and armed with the proper responses to foreign invaders.  Additionally, Moducare helps keep your immune cells functioning at optimum levels and keeps other immune cells in check by not allowing them to overproduce antibodies or inflammatory agents.

Moducare is also a great option for those individuals who are not able to property absorb nutrients from foods. Yes, I’m talking about fruits and veggies too.  It’s also a great backup to take alongside your fresh produce to give you even more plant sterols. The more the merrier, right?

My Story

Doesn’t that sound like a much better solution?   Within a few weeks of taking Moducare, I noticed that the side affects from my inflammation went away.  I also got sick much less.   AND by the way, I discovered this company years ago before I met them last month.

It’s no wonder that diet preferences are leaning more toward Vegan, Vegetarian and Keto. It’s because individuals are essentially harnessing the benefits of plant based fats, also known as Plant Sterols.  Even for someone like me who eats a good number of veggies and whole foods, using Moducare offers more immune support.


*These claims have not been verified by the FDA. I’m not a doctor so if you have any questions on your disease state or want to know if you can take this, consult with your primary care doctor.

** This is a sponsored post. I have been using Moducare for two years as a consumer before I met them.

*** Outside of quoting the various studies (reference above) the article is about my personal experiences with the product and no one else.  No one (not even Kyolic) have persuaded my language or thoughts about the product.