Dr. Scholls Active Series Insoles

November 3, 2013|Posted in: Health

For all you beauties and mommies on the go, at the gym, out for a walk…we all need a little support from time to time.  Not just from a workout buddy, but also some support in our shoes as well.  I know I do…I have VERY high arches.  So anytime I get a new shoe, I have to get additional arch support.  There hasn’t been a shoe on the market that will let me just get up and go with them because I need the extra support.


So I was given the chance to review the Dr. Scholl’s Active Series insoles in my shoes from Influenster…and well, I like em, but I need more support.   What’s really great about them is that they make it easy to size the insoles to your shoes. You simply take out the current insoles you have in your shoes, put them back-to-back with the Dr. Scholl’s insoles, and then trace the size of them.  Then you cut the excess from the top of the Dr. Scholl’s insole so that it will fit into your shoe.  Then you put em in your shoes and get up and go. That is what I LOVE about the insoles.

They do provide a little bit more protection on your feet than just the average soles, but like I said before…I need more support in my arches.  I felt like this particular one didn’t work for me, but would definitely work for someone with normal size arches or even flatter feet.

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I was not compensated for this review.  I was provided these insoles from Influenster. 🙂