Detox The Body With Enviromedica Bentonite Clay Bath

January 9, 2018|Posted in: Health

The new year usually brings on New Year’s Resolutions and even a plethora of detox and cleansing routines.  I’m not a fan of resolutions (because I feel that you can change any time of year, not just Jan 1st).

However, I am a BIG fan of detoxing, and in fact believe you should be in a continuous state of detoxification every week. Detoxing the body can be done in so many ways, from cleanses to massage, sauna, infrared sauna, exercise, steam rooms, Bentonite Clay, and so many other avenues.

One in particular I want to share with you is Bentonite Clay.   Bentonite Clay is harvested from the ash of volcanoes and aids the body in detoxification.  It has been used for centuries as a traditional healing method and a very cost effective method to detoxing the body.

How does it work?

Bentonite Clay is made up of negatively charged ions, and like a magnet, the clay will attract positively charged ions (which toxins are comprised of) and aid in expelling toxins from the body.   The clay is also comprised of so many minerals such as magnesium, iron, potassium and others which the body absorbs.

Different methods of using it as a detoxing source?

Bentonite clay can be used in many different forms for detox.


Bentonite clay can be mixed with a liquid and simply taken as a drink. There are limits to how much clay you can ingest, so please be mindful of the measurements provided on packages of clay you purchase.  It can also be taken as a supplement in pill form.  As it passes through your body, it attracts the toxins and you release them when you go to the bathroom.

Soaking :

Depending on your toxicity level, you can soak your feet in a foot bath (for very toxic individuals) or immerse yourself into it. The minerals get absorbed into the skin, and the negative charge draws out the positively charged toxins through the skin.

Masks :

There are some formulas of clay that can be used as a mud mask for your face and/or body. It’s simply applied to the skin, and in the process of drying on the skin, draws out the toxins. You then wash your skin of the clay once it hardens.

I want to do it; how do I find one?

That’s such a good question.  Finding a good sourced Bentonite Clay that doesn’t cost a lot can be a little confusing.  One of the brands I particularly love is Enviromedica.  They have a range of clay baths to choose from like Environment Detox Bath, Smoker’s Drug Detox Bath, Clear-Out Detox Bath, and the Natural Clay Detox Bath.

All of the baths help to draw out toxins that you might not have even thought of before (I sure as heck didn’t think about half of these!) such as lead, arsenic, fertilizers, food dyes, cadmium, mercury, food preservatives, and so much more.

What’s inside?

Enviromedica kits come with the following:

  • Instructions – explains everything in your kit and how to use is
  • PH Test Strips – for you to test your acidity level (which helps to indicate your toxin level) via spit or urine.
  • Clay Powder – 5 pounds of clay powder
  • Mixing Kit – a small mixing powder to put in with the clay before your first use
  • Rubber stopper – to use in your bathtub to stop the water. You’ll have to unscrew your regular stopper because you’ll have to use the mesh screen.
  • Mesh Screen – to place atop the drain to filter out sediments that you don’t want going down your drain.


Who doesn’t like a good foot soak or bath?  Not only will you be soaking to relax, but you’ll be soaking and eliminating toxins at the same time!

One lucky winner will be able to get a detox kit of their choice!   Enter below to win.

Wishing you an amazing 2018 filled with good health!