CTA Techlicious Event

October 18, 2018|Posted in: Techy

..A few weeks ago, I had the honor of attending a CES Tech Review with CTALA and Moms LA at the Video Audio Center in Westfield Century City.   I joined 40 other influencers to learn about some of the innovative technology that was presented at CES that is now hitting the shelves.   I was seriously impressed by some of the technology that was presented.   Here is what I saw:

*Photo Credit MOMSLA

Sony Bravia A9M TV

The first thing I saw when I walked in was the new SONY Bravia A9M TV.   Just when you think the picture quality can’t get any better, they found a way to do so.  This TV features OLED technology which means that instead of an array of LED lights that light up the back of the screen, each single pixel has its own LED light.  This makes for extreme color contrasts (which is a really good thing) and allow you to enjoy even more colors on your screen.

*Photo Credit MOMSLA

They’ve also added in a lot of the different features that smart TVs can come with and allow you to customize the menu to include the apps or viewing services of choice (think NETFLIX).


This TV retails for $3,599.00+ USD.


Samsung The FRAME TV

This TV picture quality is also pretty incredible.  The surrounding edges of the TV make it look like an actual painting when you install the frame, and have a digital image of a painting on the screen.   This TV comes with 4 different frames that you can swap out depending on the aesthetics of your home, or even for all the different holiday seasons.

*Photo Credit MOMSLA

It comes pre-loaded with over 100 images that are replicas of paintings from famous artists (Monet anyone?), and you can even load your own images as well.


The TV is connected by one single wire that is the size of an iPhone Charger wire, that plugs into a box.  This box serves as a connecting piece for your HDMI ports, AV, and others.


This TV retails for $1,200.00+ USD.


Samsung Family Hub 3-Door French Refrigerator

Now, you know that I love to cook, and am obsessed with my SUBZERO I have at home.  I never thought I could love another refrigerator more until I met this one.  This SMART fridge connects to an APP on your phone, and can allow you to SEE what is inside your fridge when you are not home.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve forgotten ingredients because I thought I had it in my refrigerator.

This app also allows you to search the internet for recipes, write digital shopping lists, and of course stream in YouTube Videos. (If only Julia Child could see this now!).


Samsung, can you make a smart pantry too?


This Refrigerator retails for $2400.00+ USD.


A few other techy items!

We also had the pleasure of heading over to the Rock Sugar dining room where we were fed a 4-course meal. (I was able to eat a few things as they were really awesome about gluten-free foods!).  They presented to us a few other items that were up and coming, however these ones I didn’t get to see in person.  A few of the ones that stood out to me were:


  • LG SK10Y Sound Bar w/Meridian Technology

HOLD THE PRESS! The sound quality of this sound bar is impeccable and makes you feel like you’re in a movie theater!  This sounds bar was designed with advanced signal processing & hardware design to expand the sound field throughout your entire room! OMG I want one of these SO BAD!

  • LG Pocket Photo Snap Instant Camera

This camera will snap and print your pictures all in a single snap.  It prints at 5 MILLION pixels making all the images that come out super high-quality.  You can also sync it to the LP app and add some fun personal touches to each picture before you print!


Thank you for having me!  Looking forward to the next event!