Chocolate Collagen Crispy Rice Treats

May 9, 2017|Posted in: Recipes

Food is the ultimate nourishment to help us thrive. When ingesting the right foods, it acts as medicine, gives us energy, enables nourishment from the inside out, and ultimately helps the body look and feel good.

One of my go-to foods is collagen protein. Collagen protein has many benefits such as improving the health of skin, hair, reduces join pain, helps heal leaky gut, boosts metabolism, increases muscle mas and so much more. Being a person who is still on the journey to healing my leaky gut, collagen protein is a cornerstone in my spice cabinet.  I LOVE to mix it in some of my recipes, in particular my indulgent recipes.

I have developed a new one today that is based on those good ol’ fashioned rice crispy treats you may have had as a kid. Although this time, I’ve swapped out some of the not-so-good ingredients and added some of my favorite Derma Matrix Collagen Protein by Neocell.

I call these my Chocolate Collagen Crispy Rice Treats. These treats help give you a boost of skin-, joint- and bone-healthy collagen. A win-win if you ask me!

Collagen Crispy Rice Treats Recipe:

*Makes ~20 Pieces


2 & ½ cups of Erewhon Crispy Rice Cereal

1 Bag of Elyon Mini Marshmallows

4-6 Tbsp of Organic Valley Ghee (you can also use Avocado Oil)

2 Scoops of Neocell Derma Matrix Protein


Chocolate Coating with Sprinkles:

1 10oz package of Enjoy Life Foods Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips

(Optional) Let’s Do Organic Confetti Sprinkles



First we’ll start with some prep-work. Start melting the chocolate in a porcelain double boiler . While the chocolate is melting, you will have just enough time to make the crispy portion of it.

On medium heat, place the Ghee (or oil) in the pan until it’s fully melted. Add in the entire bag of marshmallows and stir until all of the marshmallows become liquid. (this will happen super fast). If you find the marshmallows are sticking to the pan, then add in a little bit more Ghee.

Once the marshmallows have become a think liquid, add in two scoops of the Neocell Derma Matrix protein. Sprinkle in the powder and stir while you’re adding it in.

After the powder is stirred into the liquid marshmallow, turn down the heat to low and start adding in the crispy rice half a cup at a time. Depending on the consistency, you may need to add more.

Transfer the crispy rice to a flat plate, and shape it as desired. I don’t recommend placing this on something that has raised sides, as it may be difficult to cut once it’s set.

By now your chocolate should be fully melted. Drizzle and spread the chocolate on the top of the combined marshmallow & crispy rice. Spread as desired.

AND if you’re in the mood for them, add on a little color with the confetti sprinkles.

Allow 5 hours to set at room temperature, or 30 minutes in the fridge. (Please note that it can get really hard to cut when taken directly from the fridge. Let it sit out for 10 minutes before cutting)