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Apr 30

April 30, 2014

Six Tips for Success at SOULCYCLE

Soulcycle has been all the rage, so I decided to give it a try… I don’t know about you, but the thought of taking classes at the gym really bore me (YAWN).  I really get bored because classes are usually too slow of a pace for me, and I end up wasting my time and not putting forth the effort. I’ve even walked out of a class before too.  So I’ll tell ya, I was a little nervous before I…

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Apr 30

April 30, 2014

To Be ORGANIC or Not To Be

Yesterday I was talking to my girlfriend about Organic Veggies and Fruits and it occurred to me that some people are seriously being duped into buying produce that is not organic, and is even GMO sometimes.  So here’s a quick guide to help you “see” what you’re buying. When purchasing produce always always ALWAYS check the PLU code.  The PLU code will tell you if a fruit or veggie is 1) organic, 2) conventionally grown, 3) Genetically Modified (GMO), or…

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Mar 23

March 23, 2014

1 Thing You Can Do To Eat Cleaner Food

Now that Pesticides and GMO’s are in the news, people are having a tendency to head for the Organic section of the markets (and even farmers markets)…I know I am!!  I don’t want any part of those chemicals in my body, or my baby’s for that matter. However even buying organic can have some precautions of its’ own.  Since you’re buying better (in my opinion), you’re also buying fruits and veggies that are being trampled on by bugs, and birds,…

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Mar 21

March 21, 2014

The ONE thing that could be causing your breakouts

We all know that skin creams (and eye creams) come in many different types of packaging.  They range from a squeeze tube, to a container, to individual application tablets.    I personally love to have my creams in jars to make sure I’m able to get every last drop of my money’s worth!   However, having your cream in a jar can introduce many unknown bacteria and dirt that you may not be aware of.  AND you know where it comes from?…

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Mar 19

March 19, 2014

4 Tips To Clear your Beauty Routine of Parabens

One chemical that people are becoming more aware of are Parabens.  You hear this word all over the place, but what are they??   Parabens are preservative chemicals used by cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries that can be found in many types of formulas.   Parabens have been found in breast cancer tumors, and also mimic estrogen, and may affect development and growth of babies and adults. This is why I’ve come up with four simple tips to help you clean your beauty…

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Nov 3

November 3, 2013

Dr. Scholls Active Series Insoles

For all you beauties and mommies on the go, at the gym, out for a walk…we all need a little support from time to time.  Not just from a workout buddy, but also some support in our shoes as well.  I know I do…I have VERY high arches.  So anytime I get a new shoe, I have to get additional arch support.  There hasn’t been a shoe on the market that will let me just get up and go with…

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Jun 25

June 25, 2013

Everything Tastes Better in Glass like a Lifefactory Glass Bottle

Another step towards having a more BPA-free lifestyle is to get rid of those plastic bottles and drink out of glass ones.  I know, I know… they’re heavy, or prone to break..etc etc…and that may all be true. BUT I have found a glass bottle that I DO like that has gotten me through thick and thin (and has been dropped countless times without breaking). Lifefactory glass bottles come in three different sizes (excluding the baby bottle ones of course).  …

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Jun 10

June 10, 2013

Get Shredded…with Chicken (Recipe)

Trying to find clean eats for you and the family can be a daunting task sometimes…especially when we’re all pressed for time.  One recipe that I always like to make time and time again is shredded chicken.  Why? Because you can make it with any piece of chicken that you get from the market (except ground of course) AND you can make a bunch to last you for the week. Shredded chicken is great because you can put it on…

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Nov 7

November 7, 2012

That’s SO Glassy! Glass Dharma Glass Straws

With all the BPA awareness going on in the media, there is one area that people don’t think of to get infected by BPA…its through STRAWS!!  You work at making sure your cups, bottles, Tupperware, etc are all BPA-free, but then you’re still sipping through something that can add it to the mix. I was introduced to Glass Dharma from a friend of mine, and instantly I thought…WOW…SO Glassy!! LOL!  But seriously, I am really impressed by the straws that…

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Oct 26

October 26, 2012

MMmmmmm Simply Fine Dining (at home!)

How many people (show of hands) have time to make a well-prepared meal that is not only healthy and nutritious but tasty as well?  No one? Well, maybe a few (very lucky!).  In our busy schedules, it’s often very difficult to not only cook the food, but prepare it as well.  And on top of that, have the food taste good AND be nutritious? Occasionally I’ll make the time and prepare the food, to have it come out wonderfully, or…

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